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Don't know what to do...............


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I had a letter from the hospital this morning, got all excited thinking it would be for my first scan but nope it was n't.

It was an appointment to see my bariatric surgeon who I've not seen since 3 months after my op - because things did nt go according to plan I was too embarrassed to go back to him so I just did nt go to any appointments and then got a letter saying I had been removed from his patient list and I was really quite relieved. That was over a year ago so I was really suprised to get this letter this morning.

I dont know what to do - I guess I should go because with my pregnancy I need some advice and maybe a bit of monitoring but I'm ashamed to go weightwise.

I'm probably about a stone lighter now than the last time I saw him because I gained back all the weight I lost and have been working since March to lose it and I know I'm going to be in for a hard time from him and feeling as crap as I do I'm not sure I can handle it. I've never been good at facing the music so to speak and I'm doing so well on SW I don't want to be put on a downer - of course he won't see it as well because to him on the scales there won't be much change but of course he doe sn't know how much weight went back on.

Decisions Decisions, don't know what to do ladies, any advice?
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Alia - I can't pretend I know a whole lot about your situation but woudn't it be best to go just to have a see what he has to say, particularly with the new baby on the way? For me, I'd rather be safe than sorry - if you reckon he's going to give you a hard time, take it on the chin and know you have done your best for you and your baby :)

Hope it goes ok, whatever you decide to do.


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I would go to the appointment. At the end of the day, regardless of what he thinks about your weight, YOU know that you lost it, then gained it. YOU know that you've taken control and that you're losing it at YOUR pace. Don't let anyone, not even a doctor, put you down. Your weight is something that you can control, and are controlling. Your pregnancy however is the most important thing, and anything that can help you out in that sense has got to be worth it. Don't worry hun, no doctor should make you feel bad, and if he does, then you should explain to him.

I waffle, and it didn't make much sense but I hope whatever you decide to do that it goes well <3
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I find speaking to sombody on the phone easier than in person (because they can't see me). I'd ring them up & explain you were surprised to hear from them as you thought you'd been removed from his patient list. Find out what the appointment is for.

And if you do need the appointment I'd go, is there somebody you can take with you for moral support. And do you know he'll give you a hard time.
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Good idea - would definitely try to phone first. If they won't tell you that way then go - because it could impact your baby's health and that would be important.

However it goes, come straight back here and post so that we can boost you back up if you need it!

Good luck


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I say go to your appointment. Yes, you put the weight back on, but you took control and look how amazingly you're doing now! If weight was an easy thing to manage would we all be here now? I hope he doesn't give you a hard time, but why not take your SW book along? Then he can see how amazingly you're doing! I doubt he would think it's silly and it proves you're on the right track, so you needn't feel guilty or knocked down because of what the scales say!
If it will help you feel more at ease with your pregnancy, then this is also a reason to go to the appt!

Good luck and /hugs!
Im with the "phone them up and enquire why you have been sent an appointment" team. It may have been sent out in error. If you have been taken off his list you shouldnt have been sent one.

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