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Don't know whether to ..

My instructor has just e-mailed me over something she has mentioned to me before.

She want me to put my details forward as a success story in the RC mag :eek:

Really don't know whether to - its not the sort of thing I would ever entertain doing as I'm quite reserved and keep myself to myself and NEVER like being centre stage but the thought of the make-over etc quite interests me, if only for a fun day out.

What do you think?? should I??? :gen147:
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I think you should go for it. It'll be a great momento of what you've achieved and your story will be great for others to read. I'm like you, I hate being centre of attention and prefer to blend into the background, but give yourself a day off :) Plus, do you get to keep the clothes?!
All my family say I should do it and be proud of what I've achieved but the thought of everyone in the country being able to see my old weight and my old pics terrifies me

However .... the clothes???? good question!! lol
think I'm going to do it (without telling friends and family, except my children).

You see all my life (my fat life) all I've ever done is wear black clothes as iw ould never buy anything with colour. My dream dress isn't the little black dress (afterall I have one), but a long slinky red dress, Now I don't know if that would happen but I won't know if I don't try.

So my decision is ALMOST made
OK I've done it!! handed in the forms and the before and after pic to my instructor and she's pleased I'm doing it.

I don't think anyone, even my family realise what a big deal this is for me though. I come across all confident but I'm so not, it's all a front and I'll be shaking, red and blotchy if I get chosen.

There should be a 'biting-your-nails' smilie to go in here!!
OMG I've just had a call from RC head office .... they want me to be in the regional finals for slimmer of the year!!!!! :eek:

Only thing is the date is 15th October and my colleague literally booked that day off work this morning so I can't go!!! :doh:


gunna be a fatty for ever
cant you just have a quiet word with your boss? this is an opertunity not to be missed hun!!!

You HAVE to go!!

love katie


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