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dont mess....

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by SLACK ALICE, 31 January 2009 Social URL.


    SLACK ALICE Silver Member

    dont mess..... with me !!

    I have been a right C** today with hubby!
    He's got a cold and his nose is running ,he is constantly wiping it - and making his nose red !!
    why does he have to wipe it so much ??

    So i got him some balsam tissues- I refuse to let him use hankies ,cos i think they are gross. and im not putting them in my washing machine yuk!
    I can hear him puffing and panting cos he cant breathe through his nose-
    hes doing my head in -
    its a cold for gawds sake
    So I have been moaning and snapping at him all day,
    not just about his sniffing ,but what he's been doing- playing on the wii, walking through town and talking to me but turning his head
    AARRGGGGGGHHH, men!!...

    Ps I think im pre TOTM !!!
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  3. need2shrink

    need2shrink Full Member

    ahh sounds like my household, luckily hubby knows to basically smear his whole head in vicks till his eyes water, esspecially at night as im up with the kids enough i dont need his snoring waking me up!! hes next door watching footie thankgod,

    ps, from another pre TOTM dieter!
  4. eye6769

    eye6769 Vegetarian who lives2eat


    SLACK ALICE Silver Member

    cant believe it
  6. Amyeve

    Amyeve Mummy of 2!

    oh im so jumping on this bandwagon...!!!

    My 8 month old DD has had terrible cold for the last week and hasnt eaten or slept well at all, she is ok now but i am bloomin knackered and just want to relax!!! Now OH is sat, eyes half closed wimpering and sniffing and doing THAT voice and expecting me to run round after him. you wouldnt think he was a big tough policeman - no pathetic loser springs to mind:mad:

    (also pre *!!!)

    ps. i cannot believe the manflu site! arrrghhh!
  7. Melanie

    Melanie Over half way to target

    OMG, I am so familiar with 'THE VOICE' - it drives me mad, it makes me madder than anything else he does! The sniffling they do...oh and then the martyred 'I'm ok' (done in the voice) thing!!
    And another thing - why are women absolutely NEVER allowed to be ill on their own? If ever I say 'I've got a bit of a headache/sore throat/cold etc', why does he always have to say 'So do I'....only his is obviously so much worse.

    Ok rant over.
  8. Melanie

    Melanie Over half way to target

    Ooh, just one last thing - can they not just pick up their used tissues and put them in the bin? Is it necessary to make a trail of them through the house....? NO!
  9. nexangelus

    nexangelus Carpe diem, baby!

    Oh dear! Man flu, eh?! Yep my beau has a niggly cold now, which started last night...he is dying, despondent about his diet/weight loss/training at the gym, bored and many other negatives...I have had a chesty cough since the end of November and I haven't been as negative the whole time?! Bah! Men...
  10. Annie68

    Annie68 Silver Member

    Are you married to my husband? You described him to a t!! Last week he reckoned he had Malaria in his finger.. FFS!! LMAO.. idiot!
  11. hevGsd

    hevGsd Full Member

    OMG! im at sat in tears reading this!:D:D i took me about 2 mins to get past the first post from the floods of tears!
    god i havnt laughed like this in ages! :D:D:Dwow i need to get out more!
  12. judimac

    judimac Mad old Bat with Attitude

    It's the heavy sighing that gets me, swiftly followed by the "hangdog" expression, and WHY can't they cover their noses when they sneeze?

    SLACK ALICE Silver Member

    LOL, when we was in wilkinsons yesterday he got some lemsip type stuff..... Have just asked him how he feels and he states...
    ''i feel better today now I've had a second dose, cos yesterday I was snotting all over the place'' wot a plonka !!
    he must be better he has just hoovered OMG and he has played on the WII !!
    Then again he must be getting stronger after what he was doing in bed this morning !!!!LOL
  14. Melanie

    Melanie Over half way to target

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