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Don't really want to gloat-Yeah I do!!

Good morning everyone, I know I am posting my daily losses, I know I really should'nt gloat but damn I am so proud of myself right now. Day 4 and 15lbs down. Last year my 1st week was 18lbs, definately going to thrash that record.
How am doing this,not sure exactly, but 2 shakes and a soup a day seem to be working just fine. My wife is keeping me in suspense by not weighing herself until Monday, not fair cause I want to know.
Anyway all you lovely people, have a tremendous cheat free Friday.
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addicted to minimins
:party0011: :clap: :) :) :) :) YAY!!!!

It could be because you are a male, I know my dad's weightloss totally zoomed when he was dieting. You probably lost water weight too, but hey, a pound is a pound! Woohoo! :D

Have you been exercising? Congrats Congrats Congrats!!! :clap:
Hi missfortisimo, thank you, yeah it is faster for a man i guess but then looking at some of the 1st week losses from some of the ladies on this forum they also lose huge losses 1st week. I know from next week i will go down to anything between 5 and 8 a week.
Nope cannot do any excersise, as much as I would love to.That is part of my weight problem oh and the love relationship I have with food.
Wow that is incredible!! Well done!

Weighed myself this morning after two days 100% on TS and not lost a single pound... hmmm. I hope this changes! Has anyone ever not lost anything in the first week??!!!!!
Woohoo Mark is gonna be the biggest loser this week!! Actually that would be a good thread... Biggest loser gets a virtual crown for the week lol
woohoo! well done on the weight loss so far :wow:

BB - I am sure you will have a loss on your first week. Drink your water, stick to the packs, and don't weigh yourself until your due day! Good luck.
Thank you everyone, much appreciated. BB, you will lose, no doubt about that.sorry to gloat mummy, but have to to keep the confidence going. Good idea the biggest loser, I would obviously say that.
Good luck today everyone, lets have a cheat free day.
Grrr men :mad::p
Well done, wow that is great loss, keep it up, no wonder why you hooked on the scale.
Woohoo Mark is gonna be the biggest loser this week!! Actually that would be a good thread... Biggest loser gets a virtual crown for the week lol

Great idea please start a thread since it is your idea, we know who is the King for this week now:D
Well done Mark that's amazing!!! I'm looking forward to my Sunday weigh in... Won't be any where near as good as yours tho! Jealous ;)
Thanks again everyone, yeah I do feel a lot better, not so bloated all the time, as for looking better, no not possible, just thinner. Just kidding, still a long way go though.
It's amazing how you feel after just a week. I'm less tired, less hungry, less bloated.... and a lot happier! :D

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