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dont want to fail this time

Well hello again,

I seem to have been here before, but this time 7lb heavier than when i started last time :sigh:, have started today and am taking this 1 day at a time,

so things have changed for me, have recently got back with my hubby after 12 months apart, and things are better than ever, this is probably the reason for the weight gain as we have been going out much more, also my eldest has had to choose his options at school which has been really stressful for all of us and my daughter is moving up to high school in september, but I need to lose this weight, all my clothes are uncomfortable, and I feel vile,

So have started today and want to do 4weeks straight, but like I said, 1 day at a time, we go away 3rd Aug for a week so would like to be at least a stone lighter,

fingers crossed for me, lets see how I get on!!!!!
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felt hungry so had a malt toffee bar,
I know I shouldnt have them but it's better than a mars bar, lol

so I have had 2 shakes and a bar today, am gonna have a chicken breast with salad and lots more water tonight
well what a night, at 7.45 my darling daughter imformed me that she needed new shoes for tomorrow as the ones we got her yesterday are too big!!!, she is visiting the high school for the day so can't wear her pumps that she wears normally, so after a mad rush down the motorway to next I am back and back in my pjs, have had a very good day cd wise, hope tomorrow goes the same x
morning all
it looks it gonna be a beautiful day today, oh well I will stuck in work for most of it!

as I am a serial weigher, jumped on scales just and am 2lb down?
should have an easy day being at work too

good luck everyone today x
middle of day 2 and doing good, just had my shake for lunch and another 500ml water that's 1.5 litres so far, gotta go back to work now til 5, then mad rush to pick my youngest up from kids club and then get yea started, that will be the time I crack, if I'm gonna, hope not x


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S: 47.2kg C: 43.2kg G: 24.5kg BMI: 16.5 Loss: 3.9kg(8.37%)
good luck on your journey, keep in touch with the forum and you diary, it'll help you visualize your thoughts....
got on scales and down another 2lb, that's 4 since starting thursday, I did have a blip last night though?, had chicken but in piri piri sauce, not good I know, hopefully it hasn't done too much damage, well I'm off to work now, bye x
ok, lost nothing this morning, I'm a bit dissapointed but hey ho, 4lb since thursday is still good, looks like it's gonna be a scorcher today, so am gonna a sit in garden and drink lots of water, hope u all doing good, have a good day x
well what a beautiful day today has been, kids have been in paddling pool whilst I have been sitting it the sun, have drank about 5 lts of water today, hope it's not too much, I go to see my CBC tomorrow to be weighed although I didn't start properly until Thursday, have had a good day today and even cooked a Sunday dinner for the family!! x
hello all,
got weighed today with my cdc although didn't start til thursday and ....... lost 7lb, I'm well pleased with it xx
what a night last night, went to see take that and they were fab, long day though, was on my feet from 2pm til the very end but so worth it,
had a shake before I went and a ltr of water then took a chicken breast with me to have before went in at about 4ish, then had nothing else at all was to tired when I got in so just went to bed, am gonna be good with the water today though as haven't lost any more weight yet x
well recovered from take that yesterday and now am getting over drayton manor today!!!, have been on track all day so am very happy with myself, am now sitting away from my children as they are eating mcdonalds which smells lovely, but can honestly say I'm not hungry!
i don't think I've ever been 'hungry' I am always thinking of what to eat next but not because I'm starving, I love my food and if I'm planning a day out, the first thing I do is plan where we will be eating!!! how sad is that
Omg I do exactly the same thing, plan my day around food!!! Thou am still doing so with pack.... Only day 2 thou, looking forward to getting to a week, keep going x x
morning all, just got on scales and another 3lb off, feel great, have got another day with kids at home as it's teachers training today, but have planned to do nothing, might walk to the park later,
although its coming up to weekend which I normally dread, u feel rather positive about it.
happy Friday everyone x
day 9 - firstly can't believe I'm still here, secondly no move on scales this morning but I did eat late last night,
have woke up with really bad stomach cramps and a bit of the runs, like I said did eat late so could be that, have just had 1st shake and half ltr of water,
am at work so easy day for diet x
well still not feeling 100% but a lot better, just had 2nd shake and some more water, on the plus side, I should see a loss tomorrow, lol
back home now and survived the trip to asda, it was very busy so only got what I went for, still came to £50, am gonna have a shake and then have an early night, got work again tomorrow :( x
Well done on surviving Asda hun! I'm still plugging away with the water here - I swear I can hear swishing when I move!! Not good! Think I'll be having an early night too xxxx