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Don't you just love it when...

Don't you just love it when you have stuck to plan and *feel* thinner.

Don't you just love it when you try a new SW recipe and it is so good you are planning a dinner party around the one dish

Don't you just love it when someone is so positive they start a thread like this one.........

thanks Hilary xxx


Operation Hottie Kidnap
You start learning home truths about your ex from his own friends and realise you had a very very lucky escape!

The downside of this is that the 4 years we were together he was clearly putting on an act and I never truly knew the real him, though now the changes in him toward the end make sense.

Lucky, lucky escape is all I can say without going into detail.


Operation Hottie Kidnap
And, gotta love it when you go back to the Dr and she recognises you, even commenting on the hair having all been cut off, saying how well I look and that I'm clearly winning with it all and that there's no way she's putting me on anti depressants!

Plus the blood pressure is way down (still slightly high but way lower than it was) and that I've done so well to lose the weight I have in the time I have :) She's not my normal Dr, but a female one I started seeing when my life when all to pot, as I didn't want to see my normal Dr as he was so unsympathetic about anything!

Go new Dr, we love you :) Shame I'll have to re-register elsewhere now I've moved... though may stay with them for a few more months under the old address!
Don't you just love it when you have a fab night out with the girls from work and managed to say no to starter and pudding AND stick to soda water all evening! :)
Don't you just love it when you're so happy to be back on Minimins and following SW again!!:D:D:D

Isn't it just so good when you see an old friend like evilpenguin back !!!

Welcome back friend !!!.
When your ex husband looks you up and down, says you're too thin and that "you've got on arse" and I reply "Yes I have, I'm looking at it" lol lol.

PS He did laugh
PPS He IS an arse


Loves Norman Reedus
When your 5 year old says to you "You dont need to go to fat club mummy, but daddy does." Bless him I do need to go.
Also when your 5 year old says "I love you more than Daddy".


Mini crazy cat lady
....no matter what kinda crappy day I've had, there are three furry faces who love me unconditionally. Granted, I am the provider of biscuits, but I'll let that slide.....:D


....you are having a winge to a friend about life and how you think your own is naff and theirs must be great, and it turns out they actually envy yours. More of a "don't you find it strange when...."
Disclaimer* the don't you just hate it thread was meant to be a tongue in cheek, humorous rant at every day annoyances.
Silly, Billy Shirleen !!

Your threads are always interesting, informative or funny.

Both threads provoke answers and both are excellent.

When you get your second tax rebate if the year :) just before Xmas as well! Also it's arrived on pay day, my last day in work for 9 days and I lost 2lb last night!! Happy happy happy :) lots of extra pressies for everyone and maybe one for me!! X

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