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Doom fell off wagon


Sooooooo peed off. I have been sticking to the diet like a saint for nearly two weeks and today fell off the wagon. I was at a meeting which lunch was provided so took my shake and went and sat in the sun at lunchtime so far away as poss from buffet.

But.......... went back too early and the food was still there. The company that provides the food makes the worlds best quiche and I normally eat tons of it. Today that quiche was calling my name tempting me like satan and I gave in:cry::cry::cry::cry:

Only had a small piece about half a tea plate of but feel so guilt and want to kick myself and do anything to reverse what I have done. So so annoyed with myself, just know it is going to show up at my WI. :argh:
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Positivity is the key
Hi Lotus,
what is done, is done and learnt from and then move on. You were doing so well to go outside and stay away from temptation, it was just bad timing. It will be fine once you go back to it 100%, which you are so capable of.
Wishing you all the best.
Thanks Doirin.

still really annoyed with myself, going for a run this afternoon to take my mind off it. As for some bizarre reason LT makes me want to
exercise???????????? Also got some Shea butter after Jo Los recommendation, so glad to find somewhere that I can get it from again.

So looking for fat free ways to cheer myself up, but still a berk for eating it


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Ach what is done is done, sure it's what you do now or how to react to your human blip that matters. Best of luck with the rest of your week.


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I know how you feel. But just focus on keeping to LT, and the weight will come off. It's all a learning curve doing this diet, once you get into the swing of things the food issues we didn't know we had come to the surface. So fair play on not giving up and getting back on the wagon. Good luck on Thursday, it mightn't be a bad as ye think, too.


I will be skinny again!!!
Sorry to hear you fell of the wagon, good luck with your weigh in still and make sure it doesnt happen again :) xxxxxxxxxxxx
gng to wire my jaw shut so all I can fit between my teeth is a straw. That way cannot give in again


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Lotus

You know, it is done now! NO point crying about it....you have learnt so move on no. Dont let negativity play on your mind.

Thursday is another two days away and you can try and limit the damage. You maybe surprised at your loss.

Just remember that feeling; bottle it up!! It will help you in other times when temptation is getting the better of you.

You have done so well so far and you can keep going. Just stay positive, you ARE doing well,and like Doirin said, your intention was to keep clear! Just one of those things...

Take care and will be waiting to hear how you get on Thurday.
anyone got any pliers cannot twist the wire tight enough. Thanks for your support,but wiring the jaw may still be the only solution
Scotsmist is so right. That feeling after you've given in is so bad - it really outweighs (no pun intended) the perception that you HAVE TO HAVE that one piece of cake or quiche or whatever it is that just makes your resolve melt away.

Never mind about what you have done. In the grand scheme of things it is one tiny slip - and I should know! Keep it up - have your shake tonight for after all, tomorrow is (oh you know the rest) xx
Ah well its done now and you feeling liek this from it will make keep you form making the mistake again

Just use it as a learning curve

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