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Double Decker Bars

Where'd you read they were 6pp hon? yep they're 8pp for sure. They are delish nom nom nom hehe xx
just from putting it into google and i got a huge list off the net somewhere with all the chocolate points and it also said 6 points. Thank god wasnt eating them all the time. Thought it was 2 good to be true. lol
...... it could be an old list ......

it might have been old points and not the newer propoints ?? i keep finding things that say points and their values can be a big difference to pro points. ..... e.g tesco light choices naan bread. it says half a naan bread is 2 points which when calculated becomes 4 propoints and a whole naan is double +1 and becomes 9pp ..... for a light choices naan bread i think that is HIGH .... where as if you went by the old points it would have been 4 for a whole naan ..... so there is a BIG difference ! :(

i always check everything on my calculator (or esource) before i have it .... or after if its something that in know approx values off but i want to check how much the increase was if having more then 1 or a whole portion and the quantities are for half (like on the naan bread above)

I think if you are looking for the pro points of something before you buy it the best thing to do is type into the search engine (Google) 'nutritional value of.....(whatever you want)' the little nutritional information label will come up on one of the results, then work it out from there. :D

Hope this helps.
The weight watchers rich toffee bars that u buy in meetings are actually kinda similar and are only 2 pp :) :)

I'm so glad I read this the WW app on phones state double deckers are 6pp I was going through chocolate bars trying to find the lowest to see if I could have anything!!!so glad my willpower had stuck today cus I was tempted to buy 1 it being only 6!!!

This must be changed!!

Also just reading up...you mentioned light choices naan...is this the mini naans cus I have one around 3 times a week???I don't have a calculator yet I thought iPhone app would be reliable & if it says 4 pro points on it thats all I've counted???
no this is the big naans .... i couldn't find the mini ones in my tesco :( .... i have found them now though :) .... for some reason they were in the waffles, pancakes, ect isle and not with all the other naan breads in the naan bread isle !!
thats ok :) .... lol mine weren't even next to wraps and bagettes they were on the row that backed onto that row and the opposite end, lol. ... there must be a reason they do it ... just wish i knew what it was, it might make it easier to find other things when they're not where i think they should be ! :D
Oooh would the 50g be in the multipacks then? That'd be great, I love double deckers! ;) x

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Got the info from the weight watchers shop book . Not sure if the smaller bars are from multiple packs though they are usually a bit smaller . Will have a look when I shop tomorrow .
Ah thanks hon, you're a star x

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A lot of things we buy in multiple packs are a different size from the ones bought individually . Handy when you want to use points ( you just have to remember to just eat one though !!!! )

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