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Down in the dumps...


Getting closer everyday
I'm so sorry if i bring anybody down, as i normally come to minimins to cheer myself up as everybody's success stories warm my heart and i'm normally so upbeat and cheery and motivated but i just feel like crap today!

Really don't know why! I've had a great day considering i was so poorly yesterday, i do still feel a little icky today but not enough to stop me doing anything! I went and got weighed today and lost 4lbs! great hey...so why am i not that pleased with it? if this was anybody else, i'd be saying WOW thats great its a really good loss but i just don't feel like that about it myself. I also think its because i'm probably now only about 4-6 weeks left before i'm at goal and in the grand scheme of things, its so close but yet it feels so far away!

I'm bored of not havin a social life, all friends are going on nites out or out for meals and there's not much point in me going. Don't worry i'm not even thinking about cheating! its not something that ever crosses my mind. i'm an all or nothing kind of girl and very determined, i just feel down today, but i really shouldn't as i've got so much to be proud of!

Sorry for moaning xxx
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Babe I totally hear what you're saying and I'm only on day 5. I think today will be a down day, largely due to your illness recently. Everyone is allowed to have off days, LT can be hard and as a result make everything seem much worse. You hae done 9 weeks of this and that is commendable. Good luck in getting your goal and you're allowed to feel down, just remember in 6weeks time you can go out with your mates, with your new bod, and feel like the prettiest girl in the group - all thanks to your hard work and determination! :D


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you certainly do have a lot to be proud of, and just think when you are at goal and you start going for those nites out, you will be soooo happy and proud of yourself also of cours everybody will be telling you how great you look :)


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hi, i don't have to tell you on how well your doing, if you don't mind me saying, take a good look at the photo you have on here, your wee boy with a big smile on his face...that will be him when your running about slim, fit and full of life... playing with him for hours!!

Keep your head up!!!


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Have a hug, your allowed a fed up day, you work really hard and you are normally really upbeat and cheering us all along.I suspect its just the virus you've had making you feel rough, but the up side of it is you will really appreciate it when you feel positive again tomorrow x


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Have a real good cry! Everyone under values a sodding good cry! Get it all out your system!
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Sorry to hear you feel down Tash. I'm with Sarah, have a good cry and you'll feel much better, it works for me!

Can you not go out? I've had a couple of girlie nights out and really enjoyed myself while sticking to water.

I have another 10 weeks on LT, maybe longer so to me 4 to 6 weeks is nothing, in fact you'll finish around my birthday! You can go out and have a lovely meal for me coz although I have a party to go to just before, I won't be going out on my birthday, or anniversary or OH's birthday. He's agreed to wait till I'm at target then we'll celebrate.

You are doing so well but we all have days when we just feel down.

Take care hunny.



Getting closer everyday
Thanks guys, i know your all so right! i suppose its just one of those days.

CF..i could go out but i just don't wanna throw myself in front of temptation if i don't have to, so tend to avoid most things unless they are really important. i'll defo celebrate ur birthday for you if i can ;)

right taking all your advice....i'm gonna go and give my son his tea, put him in bed then have a good cry, pester my OH for a massage;) paint my toes and settle down with my soup and a glass of fine h2o

thanks guys, ur all amazing!!!
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Good idea Tash. Have you got a nice face mask you can put on as well? Have a pampering session. When you do go out for my birthday then your skin will be looking stunning as well as your skinny body!!!



Getting closer everyday
no but i might have to get one in preparation for the occasion as well as a new dress lol, take care hun xx
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And you babe. My WI is Monday so I'm hoping to match your 4lb!

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The finishing line can seem so far away can't it? At least you're focussed enough to know you wont break -thats brilliant. And it really is a brilliant loss. JUst think -when your social life resumes you will be feeling and looking amazing! You will get past this.



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Hope ya feeling better now the day has nearly passed. You are bound to have these moments but just try to remember how FANTASTIC you are (I am praying I can do what you have done) & Also how FANTASTIC you are gonna look when you eventually do go on them nights out. WOW you will be stunning hun
Good luck with it & it really is a day at a time isnt it


Getting closer everyday
And you babe. My WI is Monday so I'm hoping to match your 4lb!

good luck hunny i'll be thinkin of ya!

Niki and black rose thanks for all your support, its just been one of those days....onwards and upwards!!!!

enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone xx

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