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Downsizing Skint_chick

I'm skint_chick I joined Minimins because I started Exante TS on Weds and have a long journey to lose half my body weight:eek:. I can't be this weight anymore because I am miserable being overweight. I'd really love to do sports and adventure activities but I'm too heavy for some of them and although I'm reasonably fit the extra weight is causing a huge strain on my body.
I want to be able to buy clothes I like not just clothes that fit. I want my husband to be proud when he sees me. Most of all I want to have children and we can't conceive because of my weight. So I'm doing this!

I started on Weds, so far I like all the shakes and soups and both the bars are really tasty. I'm finding it quite easy to manage - bar for breakfast divided up to keep me going til shake lunch then a bit more bar for afternoon snack then soup for dinner. I had already started drinking a lot more water because I gave up diet Coke - I had a coke zero on Thurs and found it made me hungry and had to have dinner early so going to try and avoid it unless I really have to.

I like the drink flavourings the blackcurrant one is just like Ribena. I still have lunch and dinner with others because I have to control my eating for life so I think it's important for me to be able to deal with the smell and sight of other food. I even went to the supermarket today for bottled water. I'm not missing or craving food - probably because before starting this I was eating so much I was regularly sick or had bad stomach acid and now I don't:D I don't feel hungry just satisfied. I am looking forward to making better food choices in the future and am half way through Dr Beck's book. I've never had this much determination or self control so I thought I'd write this for those days when I just can't do it anymore and feel weak and want to give in.
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Hi Skint-chick. Just dropping bye to say hello and welcome. You seem to be doing fab so far as the first few days are by far the hardest. Good Luck!! :)

Had a little peek at the scales this morning and was so delighted to see 9 pounds off already - did check twice to make sure the scales weren't broken! Struggled a little last night with feeling hungry so had some Coke Zero as a little treat then a bath with a celebrity gossip magazine:D
Stomach is doing a little rumbling this morning but I'm holding off on my morning shake for a little longer so I'm not feeling hungry later. I got an app for my phone to plot my weight loss on a little graph:eek: because I'm a nerd. I'm thinking now I've tried all the soup flavours that next time I order I'll get a soup and bars bumper pack - with the cold weather a hot lunch and dinner will be nice and I struggle a little with the shakes because in my head they're like milkshakes and I hate the idea of milk:(
Just wanted to stop by your diary and wish you luck on your exante diary. This forum really is a great place for help and support.

Had a little peek at the scales this morning and was so delighted to see 9 pounds off already - did check twice to make sure the scales weren't broken!
Wow! Imagine what your 1 week weigh in will be then :D, keep up the great work skint_chick.
Hi and welcome everyone on here is really supportive. You will have your ups and downs but nothing beats that feeling of fitting into smaller clothes. Good luck xxxx
Just popping in to say hello and welcome :) I think it's great to embrace your inner nerd ;) My fella and I are doing this together and we have a spreadsheet that we fill in every week. It calculates all kinds of things, including your weight in stones, lbs, kgs, and it works out all kinds of geeky things like your percentage of weight lost and your estimated goal date! It also does some graphs too :) I found it on this forum actually and we find it really useful to see the facts and figures, especially when we're struggling.

Good luck with the rest of your first week :)
So my first week went well - I lost 13lb in total and feel happy that this is working. Still going but finding it harder as I'm feeling hungry in the evenings after my soup and keep having to go to bed early. Really craving exercise but I'm totally exhausted even walking short distances and before Exante I was at the gym 3 times a week so I don't know if I should add in some fish and veg so I can exercise or just hope that I feel better soon. I don't want to stop my weight loss but I do want to tone up and make sure this is the last time I see this weight!!
So I managed to resist eating and apart from one day where I forgot my pack for work and had to have soup i've been ok. I find evenings quite hard going but have started a sewing project to distract me. Now i've got a couple of spare packs in my desk drawer and one in my bag :) weigh in this morning and 1stone 6 is gone in 2weeks. Aiming for 5pounds this week

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