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Can't believe I've been so silly. I've just pigged out on 4 Quality Street & about 1/2 packet of Cheddars which I work out to be about 28 syns!!

My week started yesterday & I've already had 14.5 syns yesterday so should I go to weekly syns & deduct what I've already had? How many syns should I allow myself as I haven't done weekly syns before?

My dinner tonight is syn free but I was planning on having a couple of Martini's, well that was before my silly pig out!!

Can't believe I did it, I'm so mad at myself!!
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28 seems a lot - are you sure that is right? But assuming it is, all you need to do is drop down to 10 syns for a few days to pull it back. So don't beat yourself up about it - that doesn't achieve anything!


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or you could just enjoy the rest of your evening, have the nice martinis and have a nice time. Don't think about your syns and just flexi syn yourself: Say 60 syns for the yesterday and today. Then draw a line underneath and start a fresh from tomorrow!! Don't beat yourself up because it will be a downer on the rest of the week, just know what you have done and just move on x x x


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Yes I agree with StacieG. You don't want to feel deprived of those martinis and then have a bad day tomorrow! Don't beat yourself up about it either. This has got to be a plan for life and there are going to be more times when you eat something you hadn't planned on eating.

This is something I'm currently working on, as I have a tendancy to think I've blown it and 'make the most of it' by pigging out for the next few days!



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S: 12st5.5lb C: 10st0lb G: 8st7lb Loss: 2st5.5lb(19.31%)
Thanks Ladies, I had 4 chocolates at 2 syns each & about 20 cheddars (worst case) which are 1 syn each.

I normally only have 10 syns per day so I reckon I'll just go careful but not deprive myself the rest of the week & just put it down to experience, just need to stop buying things that I love when they're on special & kid myself that the boys will eat them & I won't lol!!

Thanks again ladies xx


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hell thats nothing compared to the super big bar of dairy I ate early! Just draw a line under it from now an continue from normal it's just a slip and we all get them!


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Hehe yeah you could have been a lot worse, a whole box of quality street and the whole packet of mini chedders, relax have a martini and congratulate yourself for not going totally overboard! Tomorrow is a new day you know you'll be good without feeling guilty :)


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S: 12st5.5lb C: 10st0lb G: 8st7lb Loss: 2st5.5lb(19.31%)
Lol I like that quote.

Thank you Cobweb I feel so much better for sharing with you guys!!

Have a fab weekend everyone xx

Mrs V

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I have to agree with the others Hun. Start afresh tomorrow.


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S: 12st5.5lb C: 10st0lb G: 8st7lb Loss: 2st5.5lb(19.31%)
Thanks girls I've had a Martini - well 2 but one 50ml measure made into 2 drinks!!

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