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dreading easter bank holiday!!

Is anyone else dreading this bank holiday? I cant wait to have some time off work but I'm not lookin forward to getting through it diet wise, any tips from anyone? I might be doing something with my boyf friday and I'm seeing my friend who's also on LT on sunday evening but thats it, the rest of the time Ive got nothing to do! Weekends are always my hardest time too coz i associate them with having treats, I know this is a really bad habit but i havent got a clue how to break a habit like that! any tips on that too?
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I know how you feel. I was sooooo depressed my first weekend not knowing what to do other than drinking or eating. Try and think of things you like doing other than this, go for a facial, massage, sauna, swim, lovely walk in the park or go to the beach? Isn't it funny how everything seems to revolve around putting something in your mouth!! I am meeting up with friends over easter and we are going horseriding instead of our usual meal out. Also, I find looking around the shops a good motivator. Fitting into size 14 clothes again is fab but if they feel tight it also keeps me on track for the following week. I weigh on a Tues so I know that after the weekend its not long to see the result.

Good luck Louise and try some new things, you might just discover something new you enjoy in the process x
yeh definately, i'll experiment! hopefully the weather will be nice coz there's loads of places to go walking - exercise and doing something different - double whammy! And I'll keep focussed on tuesday too coz thats my weigh day, thats the morning after the weekend! wont be long now!xx


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Isn't it GREAT that this plan gives us the opportunity to recognise these destructive habits eg. associating weekends with food 'treats' - and do something about changing them??

It's more than a few weeks or months losing weight - it's a super opportunity to change our lives for the better forever! xx
your right jan - but how do we change these habits? just by finding other things to do instead of eating? Then is the idea that when we come off this we'll be doing and thinking about other things rather than food? It just worries me that when I come off this in 8 weeks time I'll go back to my old destructive habits so I want to start changing them right this second!xxx
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Yes Louise, I'm dreading it a bit, especially as my OH thinks I've done enough on this diet now. Thing is, I always end up traipsing around Lakeside spending money.....


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Another one not looking forward to eating here ! I'm hoping that I won't go back into my old ways.

I spoke to the pharmacist today about it and she suggested that I go onto the maintenance programme when I'm ready to stop but still to continue my weigh in every week to keep a check on it.

Going to be hard over Easter - especially when I see how many eggs the kids have already - think I'll be sniffing them lots !


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I know what you mean. I'm making extra efforts at weekends to see people and get out of the house a bit. But it's hard to think of stuff that doesn't revolve around food and/or drink!

Went bowling last week and for a long country walk which were both great.

I think the house will get spring cleaned this weekend and i really must wash my car. All decent exercise as well as no food involved!

Agree with you Jan, it's great that we're recognising the signs of when we would normally eat. whether it's places we go, feelings we have or friends we see...
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Ya I know what you mean but as well as easter eggs over the weekend my daughters fifteenth birthday is the bank holiday Monday. We are thinking of taking them to the aqua dome which is an indoor swimming fun park just to do something energetic and not have the focus on food. :sigh:. Its all about changing habits and not organising everything with food as the high point. Its not going to be easy but think of all the pounds we would normally have put up over easter . I know I am going to loose weight over easter this year:D:D:D:D:D


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and isn't that a fab feeling?? wonderful!
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Which ever path you are following, trying to keep active and your mind occupied seems to be the key.

I have already started to make a list for the weekend, empty and re-line kitchen drawers and cupboards, clean windows (they all have Daisy the Rescue Dog's nose prints all over them :rolleyes:), sort out my greenhouse and sheds - not looking forward to that one as I know field mice moved in when it got cold :eek:, loads of washing and drying to get done and I might even buy some wood preservative for my rather large gate and rather long fence ! :eek:

I love this time of year and uncharacteristically for me - am finding it hard not to feel positive since finding Minimins :D Thank you everybody


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Im another one thats worried about easter, well not so much worried because providin i keep drinkin, i no ill be fine but its my birthday on easter sunday, the kids will have their eggs, so will my BF, i thought it would be fine as i had plans to go out somewhere for my b'day to an ice rink or dry ski slope or something but now i dont have any money to do anything. im goin to thorpe park in a week or 2 but thats without the kids so really wanted to go with them this wkend!!! :cry:xxx
Really dont wanna spend my b'day cleanin either :sigh:
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Hi Mel - blimey, a double wammie of temptation - Easter and a birthday ! make sure you ask for flowers not choccies :eek: I know they don't taste as good ...... but .... :cool:

You are off course exempt from cleaning dutes on your birthday :) Don't know how old the kiddies are but maybe walk, feed the ducks, rediscover old playground games like hopscotch ... and treat yourself to a special little something for yourself, a good book, magazine, posh shampoo or a new lippie :p Have a lovely weekend of course a very Happy Birthday xxx


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This diet will definatly break any bad habits!! Its just making sure you dont fall into them again which is the problem!!

Hmm... Maybe you could sort out all the clothes you never ever want to see or wear again once your slim? And Bin/Burn anything thats too big for you already??

im sorry im kinda crap at thinking of things to do.. I tend to just wait til some one else thinks of something and join them lol


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Well my weekend started today! I am off work and was just at a kiddies party! So first temptation is out of the way! But there were soooo many goodies! The chocolate rice krispie buns ..... OMG!

But yes I am dreading this weekend from an eating perspective! But I will just have to live on here for the next few days. So I will probaby be moaning a lot!!!


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The weekend doesn't bother me too much its the Easter bit that I am dreading we have soooo many easter eggs in the Kitchen. Fingers crossed I can stay away from them.


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your right jan - but how do we change these habits? xxx
Firstly by recognising them ...... Awareness is the first essential in changing anything! ...... then by seeing and realising (because you're now NOT doing it) that you don't HAVE to do what you were doing before and the earth hasn't rocked on its axis - everything is just as it's always been. Up is still up - down is still down - you are still living and breathing! It was simply a bad habit - it's now broken by the very fact that you're not doing it. Provided you're on this for at least 3 weeks NOT doing it becomes the new habit!
SIMPLES (squeak!) :p :D x
thanks for the advice jan, makes me feel more like I can definately do this when I come off the TFR! and nice reference to the meerkat.com advert lol its my favourite one! Well, I did something last night I never though possible - went out for a night out with everyone from work, everyone was drinking and I didnt have anything other than water, woohoo! feel so much better today knowing I have got through it, I always thought I could never go on a night out and have fun whilst everyone was drinking and I wasnt but I discovered I can have just as good a night as for a change I wasn't the one making an idiot of myself! lol good times xx

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