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  1. xKimmiex

    xKimmiex Silver Member

    :sigh:food? does/did any one do this? past couple of days im dreaming about cheating!!! :mad:, last night i dreamt that dp wanted to go to pizzahut or mccy ds and i managed not to cheat, then my friend toke me mccy ds and i had a salad n chicken and felt really good then had a big mac!

    And the day before i started i talked in mysleep about chocolate! :sigh:
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  3. karenO

    karenO Step away from the chips!

    omg lol you just reminded me - the night before last i dreamt i was eating huge tub of Waitrose Double choc Ice Cream but it was even thicker & richer & more chocolatey than normal and so gooey i could hardly get it out of the tub. Man i could even taste it lmao. Obviously i was feeling guilty even in my dream as i kept hiding so no-one would see me eat it :eek:
  4. mumto4

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    Yes all last night i drempt about food, going out for meals etc. Woke up this am to get an email from pizza hut for 50% discount. GRRRRRRRRRRR.

    Can't ever rememeber dreaming about food before lol
  5. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    last night i dremt i ate half a packet of choc bickki's then i was crying and all then i woke up and actually thought i had cheated but then in my not so calm state of mind realised i hadnt and peacefully went back to sleep!!!
  6. xKimmiex

    xKimmiex Silver Member

    when i wake up to feed baby, i alway think " **** it, lets go get food" and im not hungry, i dont want it! i DONT trust myself at night time, this is where i pigged out the most!
  7. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    You havent had any food so far and you wont. You are doing really well just stay strong and keep your eyes on the prize at all times. I have stuck up some fat pics around my house and got one made bigger for my fridge. this helps me alot!! I have mini lists of goal and why im doing this diet also around the house. and I have a huge wall chart with lots of stuff on it calendar, dates, weight loss, etc its like a star chart and i get a star for every day. its a bit childish but once you see the stars building up you know your well on your journey. I started this at over 20 stone kimmie and all i can say is if a fat lazy lump like me can do it then anyone can. i am in the 17's now and loosing 3stone has made such a difference already in my life. i have alot more energy to run around after dd etc. I dont feel as big. I just wish i knew about cd alot earlier 22 now and have spent the best few years of my life been fat/frumpy/hating myself/not going out/lacking in confidence etc. god im ranting now. basically what im saying is dont give up on your dream you will do this. Look at dutch there who lost 9 stone in a matter of months unreal.

    becky xxxxx;)
  8. xKimmiex

    xKimmiex Silver Member

    becky youve done great! i was 23stone on weds, no idea now, not sure if my scales match cdc
    My first main goal is 17stone, then 12. Seems such a long way =[
    how long did it take you to get to 17s? and what size are you now if you dont mind me asking x
  9. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    well looking at it i suppose it took 11 weeks to lose 3stone. I think the more you have to lose the quicker it will come of. I lost 1stone in week one!! I started at a size 26 on bottom and a 24/26on top. It was getting ridiculous just shopping in evans i was so depressed. I can now fit into a size 22 jeans and a size 20 dress and 20/22tops. its fab i can shop in half decent shops now and not get ripped of!! cant wait untill i can shop in primark sooo cheap!!
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