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Dreams & Adventures

Hello to all you LL hero's. :)
My name is Pam and i have been on the LL program for about 4weeks. I am very very very happy as i have just lost 2stone 2lbs. As i'm sitting here typing this out i've got the biggest grin on my face !!!! How sad is that ~ As i am the ultimate no will power girl.

I started the program @ 18st 2lbs, yes i was the life and sole of the party round cuddly always up for a good laugh ~ but deep down i was this sad depressed little girl who didn't want to be "that" fat person anymore. I wanted to be "normal" and talk about clothes and shoes with my friends, instead of shopping in certain shops and always looking at the hanger size first. I wanted to be able to go into all the lovely clothes shops my friends shopped in. SO one day i meet this lady who told me she had lost 15stone in a year. """OH MY GOD I THOUGHT""" she looks fantastic so i asked her how she did it and she told me about the LL program. So i went straight home logged on and "hey presto" found myself a councellor and haven't looked back since. I have joined a lovely group of ladies all with their own stories to tell and our councellor Lorraine is so supportive. My only downfall is the weekends and the water!!!! lots and lots of water. But since my weigh in last week i have so much more determination than i ever had before. My husband of 24yrs is my rock and without him i don't think i would have made it this far.

Anyways that enough about me ... I would just like to say i wish you all the very best of luck and success on your adventure, and i hope we all find our dreams at the end of the rainbow..
good luck & luv Pam xxx
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S: 14st4lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 35.8 Loss: 1st2.5lb(8.25%)
Its great to hear someone sounding so happy, the grin comes across in your post!

It is wonderful to find something that finally works isn't it? I know it wouldn't be the right thing for everyone, but its working for me as well!

Even though I've taken a few steps backwards, I've taken many more steps forward than ever before diet wise!

Keep going Pam, and hope ALL your dreams come true!



has started again!!
What a fabulous message. You have echoed so many of my own thoughts and feelings too!

I have been on LL for 6 weeks now and lost my first 2.5 stone. I can hardly believe I have done that! My own mental attitude has been so positive and strengthened by the fantastic people I have met on Minis.

Glad you have joined us, welcome and happy losing!!


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Pam that was a gorgeous post, straight from the heart and it probably echoes the thoughts and feelings of many people.

Well done on your weight loss, I can understand why you can't stop smiling :)

The end of the rainbow isn't that far away for any of us now!



Trainee Maintainer
What can I say, Pam, I loved reading your post. It reminds me of how I felt in the early LL days. I just knew it was the turning point for me.

I started at 17.13 and am now in Maintenance and doing well. At the moment I'm about 10.6 and a size 12. I had never been a size 12 before as I had been overweight since a young teenager. I could not imagine what it would feel like. Well now I know, and I love it! You will too.

Keep posting your LL experiences on Minis, and keep drinking the water!!!
Dear Mags

Thanks for taking the time to read my message, this is the first time i have been on a web site like this and i'm so pleased i did, its great to hear your doing so well and having looked at your ticker chart you are almost at the end of your rainbow well done keep going
good luck always Pam xx
Dear Sez
Thank you for replying to my message. This is the first time i have been on a site like this, and i think its the best thing i've ever done because you really do need support when your going through a diet. Well done for losing 2.5 stone thats fantastic i bet you feel great. Its a hard diet to start with but once your in the swing of it ..well the weigh in speaks for itself.
I love your sight how did you get all your little gizmos ?
Anyways as this is just a "quick post" wishing you lots of luck Pam xx
Dear Cath
Thanks for replying to my message. Wow well done it sounds like you have found the right path to your rainbow. Today is the 2nd April did you manage to get your rings on ? as this is one of my goals too...this is a great site and i'm so pleased i was told about it the encouragment from people is so lovely and it really helps if your having an "off day" to know that people are there and have gone through the same thing and that the feeling doesn't last forever.
wishing you lots of luck on the next part of your adventure
luv Pam xx
Dear Little Blue
Thanks for replying to my message. I'm so pleased i was told about the site. Wow if you need encouragement this really is the place to be....don't get me wrong i loved Bridget Jones but by god who much do i want to get out of big nicks as well ha ha ha ha !!!!!
Good luck on your next adventures luv Pam xx
Dear AmandaJayne.
Thanks so much for replying to my message. I am so encouraged by your message well done for getting through Foundation. How fantastic must it be to be a size "12" so well done to you. You do go through life thinking "oh well " i must be just big boned !!! i'll never be a size ? I'm so pleased for you and to be in maintenance for a year "god your a role model for people like us on foundation". I've just re-read your message and see your going on a cruise "wow" just imagine being able to go into all the shops and buying all your lovely clothes.
Have a fantastic time you really do deserve it.
You really did find your rainbow.....
and yes i will keep drinking the water ha ha ha !!!
luv Pam xx


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Hi Pam

The ring that I got on I've only had for a few years, after I'd put most of my weight on - I've yet to get my eternity ring on thought which I've had for about 13 years and not worn for about 10 .... am really looking forward to wearing it again and you'll soon have yours on too :)

WHat a lovely post! Well done on your loss so far! I'm sure you'll do really well & how lovely to have a supportive husband! You'll get pleanty of support here too so keep logging in! Have you found the "things to do with foodpacks" thread...quite good if you want some variety!
Dear Cath

Just keep going you know you'll get the ring on soon.. how are you finding the diet... i'm ok during the week but i have real troubles at the weekend any tips ?

I have cracked the crisps now and find that they really do stop the craving in the evening.. Its amazing what you can do with the food packs when the urge takes you ha ha ha !!!
good luck and keep going Luv Pam x

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