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Drink Ideas?

S: 19st9lb
Hi all! :)
I'm starting WW on Saturday and sooo excited!
However, it's a bank holiday over here (Ireland) and I know I should keep away from it my first week but I want to be realistic from the get go, rather than start off crazy strict and then let it go,
So I will be having quite a few drinkies I'm sure but I'm determind to stay within my points(24)

have you any ideas how I can do as little damage as possible here?
I'm a lightweight, despite the fact I'm a heavyweight :p so I don't need loads but I'll be at bbqs etc so what are my lowest point options?

I love beer and wine but as vodka is low points I'm willing to substitute :(

I've seen point chart but they kinda confuse me with the oz etc?

Can anyone help?
Thank you all!!
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I try to go for vodka try it with diet lemonade and lime really good :)


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I always have vodka and diet coke - 1 pt per single drink.
S: 19st9lb
Oh my god trendytracz I Love that drink, how many point per drink?
I'd happily stick to them all weekend!

1point is great Angel but I can't drink vodka with diet coke, I love them both seperatly but not together!
When are you planning to drink?all weekend or just the Monday ? You can take points from other days say 4 from sat and sun that will give you 8 extra? But remember alcohol is as fattening as chips and cakes etc and it's a life style change,it's good that you don't want to be strict them blow it later on but everyone doing a weightloss plan has had to cut back?
Have a lovely weekendx
S: 19st9lb
You're very right 102b :/
Hmm, I'm supposed to be going out to a gig tomorrow and a cocktail party on Friday - but these are before my start date :p so i shant count them and I'll Tee-Total from Saturday onwards,

even just volunteered to work on Monday to avoid temtation :)
Thanks! :)
But as you said don't be godly strict or we fail, maybe have an alcoholic drink then a soft one? Enjoy whatever you do hey that's the main thing still living a full life ;)) xx


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My new favourite is a pint glass of vodka and sprite zero. Sounds common as muck, but a 50ml measure in a nice long glass with lots of ice and sprite is perfect for BBQ's. Plus it has no caffeine :) Lasts ages too.
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Hi There, just be careful regarding points as In the UK a "measure" of spirits is usually 25ml, where as in Ireland it is 35.5ml.
S: 19st9lb
Haha that's typical of us Irish :D Thanks for the warning Mellow!

Leah that sounds perfect! I'm so excited about getting started, drink can go by the wayside for a while - well getting absolutly trollied can anyway! :)
Also maybe try alternating? One alcoholic drink followed by a 0 point soft one. Thats what I do and it works pretty well. Also helps with the hangover :D


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your very good to be considering not drinking etc.. on your first week.

Ill be honest, not exactly the most healthy way to do this but when I lost all my weight on ww, over the ten months, I ate and drank what I wanted (once it was within my points) I PROBABLY should have ate more veg/ fruit/ healthy foods but if Im honest, for me, the only reason I succeeded was because I COULD have whatever I wanted, as I said before I ate chocolate (daily), dominos (every week) and drank alcohol whenever the mood took me.

Im a vodka and diet 7up drinker when Im out so 1 point per drink but now that baby is small and I dont want to go out and leave him, myself and dh have a little "date night" once a week where we get a chinese and wine and have a chat (or if the girls come over for girlie night in we always get wine too).

Any bottle of wine rose/red/ white is 7.5 points for the whole bottle. I've had a few barbeques here (before I went on LT) with loads of family over and have had a little measuring jug which I would measure out each glass (as was unlikely to drink a bottle and was sharing bottle with others so didnt want to get confused) 100ml of any wine is 1 point, 200mls is 2points and so on. I find that 200mls is a LARGE, full glass of wine.

Hope you have a fab weekend, really cant wait to join you all.

Didnt even reaslise it was a bank holiday weekend til now!!!! (am on maternity leave and have completely lost the run of the days with not working!!) woo hoo...


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I'm right into Magners light just now. Tesco sell packs of 4 at 3 for 2. They are 92 cals per bottle which is 1.5 points. You can have 5 bottles to one bottle of wine!!

They last ages, in fact for me they last longer than vodka. For bbq's and summertime, Magners is refreshing and hits the spot x


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WOW... that's really good! Are they the pint bottles or the smaller ones?


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330 mls which is the same size as your average bottle of beer. 4.5% alc content (also the same as your average beer).

You can sip away at it, adding ice if you want to keep it cool. Fabby!!
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hi daisyhappy, just few things magners light is only 1pt per bottle seen it advertised on poster in class this week, spirits in ireland are sold in 35mls which is 1.5pts in mainland uk its 25mls making it 1pt, bottle beer is 1.5pts
have good wkend
S: 19st9lb
Thanks everyone, this wont be a problem anymore as i will NEVER drink again after last night!



Likes to eat
S: 15st6lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.2 Loss: 2st9lb(17.13%)
ha ha... famous last words...

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