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Drinking and ketosis

After reading other posts about drinking whilst in ketosis I decided that because I wanted to drink this weekend I would stall the dieting for the whole weekend and start fresh on Monday.
So on thurs I brought my fav chicken pasta In creamy sauce that I would normally inhale in 10 min and it took me three attempts to eat it all!! I thought maybe my stomach had shrunk and that was why.
It was the same on Friday and I only had one glass of wine and had a hangover in the morning -
So on sat I thought I'd try harder to eat carbs before going out and had a burger king for lunch and felt so so bloated!! Anyway at the party I had sausage rolls etc
I REMEMBER having 3 cocktails and everything else is a blackout! I don't think I drunk anymore than that!
I got sick everywhere and was so so drunk luckily I was with very close friends who showered me and let me sleep for a few hours before taking me home.
If I had been out in a pub god knows what could have happened!!!
I really thought that I would have knocked myself out of ketosis but I obviously I hadn't eaten enough.
I thought that I would share with everybody.
Emms x
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You poor thing but a word of warning to us all. I'm on TS because at the beginning of May I'm off to a Soul Weekender and plan to drink all weekend. I'm now thinking that I need to be eating and out of ketosis a week before rather than a few days :confused:
Maybe try eating pure carbs - toast for breakfast potato for lunch etc etc I think that I was too wary of putting on any of the weight I'd worked so hard to lose! And i deff can't eat the same size portions as I had before- but that's a good thing!
Well I've drunk on this diet many times and never experienced anything like that and once it was an all day drinking session and I was fine. All I had was fry up in the morning and a exante bar.

I guess what it shows us everyone is different and u have to see how your own body reacts. Probably a good idea to try just one drink at first and see how it goes.

Sorry u were sick, that's never fun!

lipotrim do a structured refeed seems to prevents that boating feeling sick.

It's a week long process rather than shocking your system with carbs introduce them slowly think day 3 or 4. More info over at lipotrim. Exante also have a refeed somewhere on the site but think there's is a longer process.

Bingeing of any sort, v tough on the liver/kidneys so make sure u r still drinking your water. Milk Thistle Fantastic for the Liver but obviously I can't recommend so check out with the Pharmacist b4 u take anything.

I generally have no ill effects if I have a sneaky glass of wine. But Carbs kill me, vomiting etc. Although if were to refeed properly not a problem.

Hope u feeling a lot better.
I dont think its a case of just having a carb meal to bring you out of ketosis, the process isn't that quick or straightforward. Once I am in ketosis and been there a few days, it takes alot more than a carb meal to bring me out of it. It takes me 3 days to not be ketosis anymore.

Sorry you were so ill xx
Sorry you were so ill.
Thanks for your comments everybody
Isn't it funny how we spend so much time trying not to consume anything that will take us out of ketosis - citric acid etc and when we want to come out it's not that easy!!!
Back on ts today and pleased to be so!
Im sure everybody reacts differently to ketosis and to alcohol but I know now that I'm going to really think hard before having a weekend off again!
Emms x

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