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Drinking lots of Water

How many people on the slimming world plan actually do this? If you do drink a lot of water do you think it contributes to that extra 1-2lbs a week weight loss..

I have two 250ml drinks during work, can off coke Zero with dinner at night.. might drink another 250ml throughout the night if I wake up.

if i thought drink 2 litres a day would help I would start it.:confused:
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Kimmy b

Full Member
Does work if I drink 2 lt I loose extra 1-2 lb but only works for 2-3 weeks then I stop as seems to be a flush then no extra loss but you can keep going back after 2 weeks and it works again
an extra 3-6lbs off every now again with a water 'boost' is quite good. didn't think it would be that good.

if you did it every second month could give an extra 18-36lbs a year...

hummm... might start having to empty my company's bottled water fonts


Silver Member
I always drink over 2 litres of water. Have done for years and only occasionally have fizzy drinks. It does help with weightless in the sense that your not as hungry. It also helps with elasticity in the skin, hair, nails and complexion so I would def recommend to drink it .

sweet pink

is losing for shoes
I drink 2 - 3 litres of fluids everyday & I think it has helped with my losses.


Silver Member
i lose an average of 1lb per week, i drink 2 litres + water a day. if i don't drink enough i almost always have a slight gain until i up my water again. i believe it helps, not only with losing weight but with my energy levels, less headaches etc. well worth drinking lots of :)
I've got a 'sports' type bottle now for my desk at work which holds around 700ml. I'll try and drink two fills of it a day in work.

Tend to drink one also at night time so that should be a good boost for now.. i'f i can drink more i will try to..


Gold Member
I'm not sure it will give a 1-2lb extra weight loss. I drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day and have never really noticed it help losses.
Drink it because it's so good for you and if you lose a bit more, it's a bonus :)
I get the 1-2 lb loss because I don't drink alot at all so when I do it flushes my system so I loose all the water I've been retaining so that's why it's a boost for me like I say I do it for 1-2 weeks maybe every 6 weeks rest of time I drink maybe two cups a day so not a lot x


Gold Member
Water is good for you - it isnt going to make you GAIN weight.

I think the positives totally outweigh the negatives, so get drinking!!

*glug glug glug!*

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