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Drinking the shakes hot


Girl on a mission
I read on here somewhere that the chocolate shake is nice hot. Has anybody tried the other flavours hot. And also which shakes go with the mix a mousse. Needing a bit of variety I think. But some of the ones I didn't like at first I quite like now. Like the porridge. Which is quite filling.
Chocolate shake, chocolate mint and chocolate tetra's are lovely warm, and i love vanilla as a mousse, strawberry is ok and chocolate as a mousse. also chocolate and banana as a mousse, by splitting the packs in two:D x


Girl on a mission
How do you prepare your hot shake? I tried to have a hot chocolate and my shaker almost exploded with 90% of my shake spilt across my kitchen :confused:
Packet shakes I blend mine up, then microwave them for a max of 2 mins, so not to lose nutrients, Tetra's i pour the shake into a cup then add hot water to the empty carton then add it to the shake in a mug.

Hope that helps:eek:


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I mix mine with cold water to start with and then add hot out of the kettle. I too made the mistake of mixing mine with hot first and had the same problem as you. Good luck. xx


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I use a hand blender for mine lovely and creamy. Yum
I have ordered a hand blender - as I too had the exploding shake syndrome. Coming into autumn and then winter I will need a comforting warm drink in the evening. I tried the microwave but it made the shake too thick (I'm doing W8 so not sure if the Cd shakes thicken in the microwave) I didn't like the texture. Looking forward to the hand blender arriving - should be here by mid-week.
Thanks very much for the suggestions. I also think I read somebody added a spoon of coffee to the vanilla shake. Has anybody tried that. I read it somewhere on this forum but it's hard to find things again if you've read them once. Not sure if that was hot or cold.


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Mmm coffee sounds good might try that. Ty for sharing

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