drinking water is it safe?

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  1. goonerjon

    goonerjon Member

    Hi, I'm on day 5 of my first week so i'm pretty new to all of this, but i'd like to hear some opinions on drinking water.
    I was advised to drink 4 pints minimum daily, i have been managing about 5 or 6 but yesterday i must have had about 10 pints throughout the day and evening and i felt good.
    But i had the most horrible nights sleep (lack of ) and a very intense headache.
    I've suffered with a headache through most of the course so far but i put that down to me phasing out my caffeine intake (i hate it black).
    The video encourages to drink more water 6, 8 or 10 pints but doesn't set a limit.
    I heard of a dieter dieing in the news through taking in too much water in a short space of time.
    Could this be the cause of my headache, i'm confused!
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  3. Roddy

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    i doubt your headache is related, however i drank alot of water the first time i did LT and my kidneys startedto hurt but thatwas with 4-5 littres
  4. ChellyWellyBoot

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    The headache is a symptom of the diet at the beginning!! It will go away though...

    Im drinking about 4 litres of water a day...

    I googled this at the beginning and its only really dangerous if your drinking like 10+ litres a day!
  5. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    Also the person who apparently died from drinking too much water, drank it all in one go. This should NOT be done, water intake should be spaced out evenly over the day. As for amount, the minimum is 4 pints, the maximum is really up to you as long as you are sensible about it.

    Hope this helps and good luck with the rest of your diet journey x
  6. Yorkshire Adam

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    what eclipse said sums it up perfect

    drink plenty but throughout the day not just in one go
  7. goonerjon

    goonerjon Member

    drank less yesterday, and i got a better nights sleep, headaches still here though but mild and sort of in the background.....
    had a sneaky weigh in yesterday (day5), looks as though i have lost about 7lb so it seems to be working.......thanks for the help people and good luck!
  8. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Good on you Jon. Sounds as though you will have a great first weight loss. Glad you had a better night's sleep and hopefully the headaches will soon pass. Honestly, it does get better and this first week can be quite tough. Keep up the good work.
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