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Drinks and ketosis

Hi all. I'm on day 2 of exante TS. I was just wondering about drinks. I plan to have 1 can of coke zero a day. I found the coke really helps with hunger and was wondering if having more than this might affect ketosis. I also have a mug of bullion in the afternoon and a glass of very weak squash in the morning (as well as loads of water). Does this sound OK? I would appreciate any advise as I never done a VLCD before.
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............you can get squash from Tesco's though that has malic acid and not citric acid in it and that is ok to have. I think it is the Tesco's high juice one......but please check the ingredients first. Hope this helps. xx
Thanks Starlight - I've just opened another can.

The squash I've been drinking is Tesco High Juice apple, strawberry and rhubarb. The ingredients list say its made with malic acid- no citric acid but it does contain aspartame. I'm still a bit confused about what I can and can't have. Does this sound OK?
That all sounds fine. I didnt know that there were some squashes we could have. I drink squash very very weak anyway so will have to look into getting one with malic acid for those times when water just isnt enough hehe x
Thank you all for your help. I really don't like water but it helps to know I can have a few cans of coke zero a day as well.


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So we can also have Tesco High Juice apple, strawberry and rhubarb? That's great if we can. I'll get some next week. I'd love to find more stuff like the Sainsbury's fizzy malic acid flavoured waters. I don't get to Sainsbury's very often and only Tesco and M&S are handy for me.
Slinky ive seen the same types of water in morrisons, tesco and asda. As long as its the strawberry and kiwi flavour your ok (best to double check anyway but most of them are malic acid!) xx
Lovely. I'll have to have a look for malic acid, fruit fizzy water. A friend on SW has these. She puts it in a wine glass so it feels like a treat. I might give that a go.

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