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Drinks in pubs?

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Just back from a 10 mile bike ride - we stopped at a pub along the way and had a drink...which leads to my question. What can I drink? I know its bad but had a blackcurrant and soda. I can't drink fizzy water on its one, even adding the water flavours makes me think of andrews and hangovers (I use my favours in hot water), and don't drink diet coke (I know its not allowed but don't drink it for ethical reasons).

I socialise a lot and don't mind not having alcoholic drinks but don't want to be drinking still water all night.
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Im confused is Diet coke allowed?!.. I cant believe you managed such a long bike ride on this diet! i think i may begin exercising once the first 2 weeks are up.. When it comes to helping you with your dilemma i really dont know! Some people are drink coke zero but i reckon that will be off limits for you too..

Sorry i wasnt much help! Good luck! x


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Dont think any drinks are allowed on ss except black coffee, tea and water with or without the flavorings.

Alcohol is a big NO.


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You're not going to like this, but YummyMummy's right. Other than still water (and perhaps a nice cup of black coffee) there isn't anything you can have from the pub.

Sorry. :( But this diet isn't forever - it's a means to an end. And if you can stay away from alcohol and fizzy drinks, you'll get to where you want to be much much faster...
S: 14st12.5lb C: 14st12.5lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 40.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Bah..don't think I can drink plain water all the time. Cant drink coffee either as it makes me sick

IndigoMondays - I exercise most days and don't really suffer too much - though did so a spinning class and body pump combo on Sat (2 hrs total) - felt ok at the time but then felt weak later on. Think it depends on what you did prior to CD


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when i go to pubs i just have water with my flavourings added.

soz but better than nothing... but i do know where you are coming from.


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On the CD website side effects page it says:

I have been on the Cambridge Diet for two weeks and am getting cramp in my legs. Is the diet causing this?
A few people are prone to cramp while using the Diet as their Sole Source of nutrition. It is not caused by the diet itself, but by the increased throughput of fluid in the body’s tissues. The muscle spasms result from changes in sodium levels as the water shifts between cells. The remedy for most people is to keep warm, whilst a drink of slimline tonic water just before bedtime may also help, as it contains quinine – as may "Crampex" tablets.

SLIMLINE TONIC WATER! - :D Obviously, only if you have cramp.. I think I might find I have cramp next time I'm going to the pub! haha -I know a slice of lemon's out, but ice is fine - and the great thing about tonic, is you can almost taste the gin as if it's there too!! :D

ooh, ooow.. think I have cramp.. G&T without the T, anyone?? :D



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hahaha - freudian slip - meant to offer:

"G&T without the G, anyone?"


actually, I went to the pub last night and didn't buy ANY drink and it was Fab! I had a really good evening, enjoyed the company and the conversation, and didn't have any drink cause I was so full of water anyway I couldn't have sipped one if I tried - Great night, and far from feeling like I was missing out, I actually felt like I was getting a better experience for not being sozzled! And no hang over! Bonus! :D

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