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  1. JessMayR

    JessMayR Full Member

    So. I have started Weightwatchers again this weekend. I did do it a few years ago, and lost 2 stone on it, it was great! But i stopped last August and have just stayed the same since. I want to lose another 10lb to get to my Goal. I go on holiday in August, so I would love to do it for then! Whether I can or not is another question, or whether my Body will let me get that low is still another question.

    Anyway, after going to weight-in on Saturday, I bought the new books and stuff and found out my weight.. 11Stone 10lbs, still healthy but would love to hit 11stone, so i'm gonna try!

    Its going to take a while to get back into this methof, i've been sort of following Slimming World the past few months, so I'm used to eating loads of Carbs, its going to be a big change to my diet.

    As i'm tall i get 31 propoints a day, then my 49. Last time I was on Weightwatchers, I had 34/36.

    So anyway, Saturday i had:

    Lunch: Small portion of Veg Soup - 2

    Dinner: x2 Hot dogs - 12
    x1 small portion of chips - 14
    Ketchup - 2

    Snacks: 4 Weightwatcher digestives - 4
    1/2 pot of Ben & Jerrys Greek Style frozen Yogurt - 11
    BonBons - 5

    Total Used: 53
    Daily: 31
    Weekly: 22

    Alot used today, it was my other halfs nans birthday bbq so I can't really complain! I always find it hard on Weekends!
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  3. JessMayR

    JessMayR Full Member

    Today I went shopping, we got there quite early so decided to have something from Wetherspoons, Jeez, the points are high for breakfast food there.


    Breakfast: Wetherspoons Quorn Sausage Bap with Ketchup - 14

    Dinner: Potato - 6, Peas Cabbage & Carrot - 2, Lamb - 4, Yorkshire Pudding and tinyist bit of stuffing - 3, gravy -1

    Snacks: 3 Weightwatcher digestives - 3, 1 scoop of lowfat icecream - 2, 1 Weightwatcher swiss roll -2, 1 merangue & lowfat squirty cream - 3

    Total: 40
    Daily: 31
    Weekly: 9

    Tomorrow I am back at work and the gym so I should be better!
  4. JessMayR

    JessMayR Full Member

    Back at work this morning! Quite day so taking my lunch time to write this up! Even though i use my journal I like it on the Computer as i dont always carry my Journal everywhere. This i can get on my phone!


    Breakfast: Grapes, Melon & 1 Apple

    Lunch: x2 median white bread (no crusts) and 2 back bacon (fat removed) and small squirt of ketchup - 6
    slimming world hi-fi bar - 2

    Dinner: 1/2 jar of ww tikka massalla -3, chicken -4, mushrooms onion pepper -0, 60g rice - 6, 1 weight watcher naan - 3

    That is a total of 24, that leaves 7 left over for sweets and treats :) I may have a swiss roll with squirty cream and strawberries. Yummy, not too sure yet.
    I should also gain some activity points, but i try not to eat them, i dont see the point in burning calories to eat them again..

    I will update later when i know what my total is!
  5. ingeh

    ingeh Full Member

    your meals look great! I went with slimming world for a bit but just stayed the same weight for weeks as I took advantage of the "free food"
    the great thing with weighwatchers is everything has points and all you have to do is add them up til you hit your limit, no off limit foods x
  6. JessMayR

    JessMayR Full Member

    I did the same, Just ate loads of pasta and rice for the sake of it, not even being hungry!
    I need the portion control of Weight Watchers, and it is so much easier like you said, just need to count it up!
  7. ingeh

    ingeh Full Member

    Im here for the portion control too. I lost 2st calorie counting but then I got obsessed with numbers, like if I ate too near to my goal amount id feel bad and most likely ruin it by eating something silly. Points just seem like a better way for me to lose weight and I can see myself doing it for the long term, which is the goal. And as long as I stay within my points, I will lose weight so it takes all the worrying about how many calories to eat out of the picture
  8. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Welcome to WW and good luck with your journey :) I'm here to see what you get up to! X
  9. JessMayR

    JessMayR Full Member

    Thank you! Lets hope i last this time aha! Feel free to pop in whenever :)
  10. JessMayR

    JessMayR Full Member

    GYM update!

    15 min fast walking on treadmill (150 calories burnt) - 3 activity points burnt
    10 min on cross trainer (100 calories burnt) - 2 activity points burnt
    7 min on stair machine thingy (70 cal burnt) - 1 activity point burnt
    10 min weight training - legs & abs

    Total Cal burnt: 320
    Total activity points: 6

    That was a pretty slow workout for me, but i haven't been in a week, so getting back into it this week :)
  11. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    You normally do more than that?!? OMG! How many times a week do you do? X
  12. JessMayR

    JessMayR Full Member

    Usually twice a week, but sometime if i'm feeling dedicated three times lol..
    I've only been doing it for a month, so the novelty hasn't wore off yet lol can't imagine it will be long until it does though aha!
    its took me 2years of dieting to finally start exercising lol!
  13. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    I HATE exercising! Used to go to the gym Monday-Wednesday-Friday until I had a Car Accident and never been back since! X
  14. JessMayR

    JessMayR Full Member

    Its so easy to get obsessed with it! I found the points alot easier too!
    Thats the spirit! (although i found that i went over my points sometimes and still lost!, though i wouldn't recommend you do it every week)
    :) xx
  15. JessMayR

    JessMayR Full Member

    It isnt fun.. I spend the whole time looking in the mirror imagining me a dress size smaller!
    Oh dear :( hope you're okay hun.
    Excercise is so hard to get into and so easy to stop (not that a car accident is easy though!)
  16. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Maybe one day I will get back into it but financially I couldn't at the moment anyway, I used to hate all the mirrors! X
  17. JessMayR

    JessMayR Full Member

    Final Food update

    Monday 9th June

    Breakfast: Grapes, Melon & 1 Apple

    Lunch: x2 median white bread (no crusts) and 2 back bacon (fat removed) and small squirt of ketchup - 6
    slimming world hi-fi bar - 2

    Snack: Apple

    Dinner: 1/2 jar of ww tikka massalla -3, chicken -4, mushrooms onion -0, 60g rice - 6, 1 mini sharwoods naan - 4

    Snack: Watermelon & Swiss Roll - 2

    Dessert: Chocolate Brownie WW Dessert - 4

    That equals a total of 31!

    Cinema tomorrow with the mom, aunty, cousin and brother girlfriend, so gonna save all tomorrows treats for some movie snacks :) thinking of some jellybeans or skittles!

  18. JessMayR

    JessMayR Full Member

    I know what you mean, its so expensive! I can only just afford it cause i've just paid my car off! Before now i managed with long walks and bike rides! Much cheaper and to be honest much more fun!
    I dont particularly like them, its like a tormenting motivation method of if i carry on i wont look so flabby tomorrow lol!
  19. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Mmmmmmm Skittles! I love sour ones! X
  20. JessMayR

    JessMayR Full Member

    I've never tried those! may have to give them a go :)
  21. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    They are yummy! They are 6pp for the 55g but if u only eat 51g it's 5pp! X

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