Dry Lips?

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Skatie, 17 February 2008 Social URL.

  1. Skatie

    Skatie Nearly "Normal"

    Hi, has anyone else gotten really dry lips since they started on LT? I started a week ago and my lips are really dry and peeling a bit. My friend started around the same time and hers are too...

    On the plus side, my skin has cleared up and my complexion has never been better!!
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  3. lulu138

    lulu138 Full Member

    I have dry lips too, I was thinking just this morning if it may be due to the lipo! :confused:
  4. rowanx2

    rowanx2 Losing the baby fat

    well dry skin is possible when youre on a low number of calories and lips are skin so could be from it. I'd suggest rubbing vaseline in to them, i'm sure theyll not be dry forever.
    Maybe buy some lipsil?
  5. rowanx2

    rowanx2 Losing the baby fat

    this blog says
    Side effects
    1) Really bad breath (this was really bad for me as I deal with customers every day and was always thinking about it when I talked to people.
    2) Headache for 3-4 days at start
    3) Dry Lips to start with about 2 weeks
    4) Poos like Bricks, going to the toilet real hurts.

    look at his pics, looks kind of like he could be his own son now!
    .::NeT Online Gaming Clan::.
  6. TracyJ

    TracyJ Gold Member

    Hi i have noticed i have really dry skin, especially my hands and legs! Everything i touch goes through me as my hands are so dry. To be honest i think the waether has a bearing on it too! xx
  7. rowanx2

    rowanx2 Losing the baby fat

    yep like i keep reading people saying they are cold is it their diet, well i dont no about anyone else but it's winter here and i'm cold too! so i think the weather and time of year must have alot to do with it.
  8. harriet2

    harriet2 serial poster

    not so much dry lips but dry fingers and yeah its probably a combination of this diet and the fact that its winter lol

    h xx
  9. Henpom

    Henpom Full Member

    I have dry lips, especially when I have the soup; and also my hands and fingers are really dry. I've gone through loads of hand cream since I started.

    And I'm cold, cold, cold.......brrrrrrrrrr! Three layers on today. I've taken to wearing a vest!
  10. LizzieB

    LizzieB Silver Member

    Hey, Yes everything is dry. I though it was because i was getting old! Didnt even link it to this diet b4, so this must be it:) Phew :)
  11. bluwkd

    bluwkd Member

    my lips are very dry and sore at the minute too

    bad breath and scabby lips.. such a great look ;)
  12. LizzieB

    LizzieB Silver Member

    lol, dont forget dry and spotty skin also!!!
  13. jojostar

    jojostar Member

    and the dark circles under the eyes.....:crazy:
  14. bluwkd

    bluwkd Member

    spots and bags are the norm for me anyway, so nowt new there ;)

    actually my skin is looking great with all the water i'm drinking, will have to keep it up once I finish on LT

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