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Dry throat


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Ketosis can cause a slightly dry mouth but not a dry/sore throat as far as I know. It could be something totally un-diet related
think some things going around as i keep waking with a bad throat and then fine during the day xx


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No, it's not a bad throat as I've had that and just about over it and the doctor said it wasn't related and probably the diet, I guess it must be ketosis.


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I often have days like that, thirsty as hell etc.....sometimes feels like you've got a layer of 'ming' on your tongue/roof of your mouth?

I find a really strong mouthwash used before and after brushing REALLY helps....but the mouth/breath sprays make it worse!

Cream makes my mouth feel like it has a filmy layer on it too...kinda greasy.....as does tea with sweeteners in it....

I get quite dry lips too.....but thats pretty easily sorted!

SO, aye, You're not the only one who gets cotton mouth!
I'd agree it's ketosis myself
I have had a really dry mouth the last few days and dry lips. Can't seem to get enough water and always seems thirsty, I just put it down to ketosis to be honest. Drinking loads of water can't be bad though right ;)

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