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Dukan Diary - Onwards and Downwards

Tomorrow’s Menu:
B - Oatbran In yoghurt with cinnamon
L - Scrambled eggs with spinach
D - Chicken Breast and Sautéed Mushrooms
Snacks x 2 - beef slices with cottage cheese
Looking through everyone’s old recipes, lovely seeing usernames from years ago. Think I’ll plan ahead and do some coke chicken and meatballs later in week. Found some of my old recipes too so need to get at those.
Well 2l of fizzy water helped today. Also had some scrambled eggs this evening as hadn’t got any jelly.
Tomorrow’s Menu:
Scrambled eggs & Mushrooms
Tuna Salad
Chicken Curry/cauli rice (inc oatbran)
Still doing well. Bought goji berries, they’ll be nice to have each day.
Tomorrow’s Meals (PP):
B - Scrambled eggs and spinach
L - Fromage Frais with oatbran and goji
D - Chicken with quark/mushroom sauce

As I’m pregnant I don’t feel any day should have NO veg, so have adapted it that my PP are v low carb veg and PV are higher ones. Am also having more dairy than I would have done years ago but that’s important too. Still much better than chocolate and ice cream and crap so feel good.
Another good day. Husband has a tin of chocolates open but I’m not interested, glad I’ve managed to get back to this. Looking forward to PV tomorrow though!
Tomorrow’s Food:
B - bacon and eggs, mushrooms and tomato
L - tuna salad
D - Mince and broccoli
Snack - oatbran/goji/yoghurt
Been so hungry all day today!!! Have stayed on track and had huge dinner which will hopefully help. And plenty of fluids.
Tomorrow’s PP:
B - Scrambled eggs with spinach
L - goji/oatbran/wheat bran/yoghurt/sf jelly crystals to flavour
D - Chicken with mushrooms
Today’s Food:
B - oatbran/wheatbran/goji/yoghurt
L - chicken breast and bns
D - Beef and bns

Tomorrow’s Food:
B - Scrambled eggs and mushrooms
L - goji muffin
D - beef stir fry

Good day today, not felt too hungry but thoroughly enjoyed meals. Looking forward to making muffins tomorrow.
Another good day. Feeling hungry now but just going to drink some water and go to bed. Had a mid-afternoon chicken breast that helped tiredness.
Tomorrow’s Food:
B - Scrambled eggs and mushrooms
L - Chicken Salad
D - goji muffin and chicken

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