Dukan diet and one cheat day?

Discussion in 'Dukan Diet' started by yrose2011, 14 April 2011 Social URL.

  1. yrose2011

    yrose2011 Member


    I am on day 6 of the attack stage, I will finish this tomorrow (thus 7 days on this).

    I am on a hen weekend saturday / night, im going to be realistic and accept I wont stick to the diet on Saturday.

    How much will this impact my weight loss?

    Should I do another week attack after this day?

    Thanks everyone! if anyone has cheated on this doet how did it impact your weightloss / efforts?

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  3. Emmma

    Emmma grammar police

    Dukan is a pretty much all or nothing diet. The occasional slip might happen and afterwards you should do 2/3 pp days, drink plenty of water and up the exercise, but every slip becomes harder to recover from.

    Perhaps try and eat something dukan friendly beforehand so you don't end up having to eat something that's not suitable and try and limit your drinks - maybe every other drink could be a diet coke?
  4. yrose2011

    yrose2011 Member


    I am really worried as I dont want to cheat. The hen isnt local to me and we are travelling early Saturday and back Sunday morning. They have arranged a cocktail making session, champagne cruise and a three course meal! I really dont want to cheat, i have been so worked up I thought about not going! I will try and pick the best options I can i.e. normal breakfast Saturday, lunch (?) no idea and evening meal with try and pick meat and not eat potatoes or have a pudding.... just the coktails and champaign really...................

    I cant not go and I will try my hardest to be good. I am going to do another attack after the day for 7 days! I quite like the attack stage so it wont bother me doing it again for a week...
  5. Emmma

    Emmma grammar police

    There's really no need to go back on attack. Move on to cruise before the weekend and it will allow you more choice. Do you know the restaurant you're eating at? If so can you have a look at the menu and choose what you'll pick beforehand? Ask for your meal without potatoes and just have the meat and vegetables and proclaim yourself too full for pudding!

    Don't forget about your oatbran too. Make up a galette or muffins for each day that you'll be away so you can take them with you - pack extra if you think you might need it.

    Seriously don't go back to attack when you get back - you're still very early in the diet, so you shouldn't expect to put on too much if you make your meal choices wisely and your body will be desperately in need of vegetables by now. 2 pp days on your return and then back to vegetables will suffice.
  6. yrose2011

    yrose2011 Member

    Thanks I feel better now! :eek:
  7. Atropos

    Atropos Well-Known Member

    I hope you enjoy the hen without feeling left out.
    My sister discovered she was pregnant just days before her own hen - she was the only one at the table not able to drink!

    I would certainly go on to cruise before you leave for the weekend, and take a look at the travel tips thread, so you can pack a few extra snacks and supplies to take with you.

    And remember - you won't be alone if you need to stick to meat, veggies, salad and water; a good venue will know how to cater for people with diabetes, or pregnancy, or allergies.
  8. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    and, if you need to make an excuse, say you're unwell / on antibiotics or something rather than "on a diet". People are less likely to try to convince you to come over to their camp and make themselves feel better about their own eating or drinking to excess.

    Had you spoken to us before, we'd have advised not to start before this thing... but you're here now, so good luck!
  9. yrose2011

    yrose2011 Member


    Sadly I had to start as its my own wedding in August and my big dress fitting in 5 weeks and I needed to lose7/10lbs.

    I travel with wotk so thats tough and we have asocial occasion most weekends until our wedding as everyone seems to be getting married this year!!!

    We have a management meeting on Monday / Tuesday next week and I have requested my meal without potatoes etc so trying the best I can... sigh!
  10. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    You might be better trying something else if you find you're not losing well with this diet. If you don't stay in ketosis, you could stall for ages whereas with a diet which doesn't operate in the same fashion, you would lose on low calorie.

    Up to you though - but this diet is tough on the morale in the morning on the scales if not followed strictly.
  11. yrose2011

    yrose2011 Member

    lol thats the thing, I have lost 4lbs already on it!!! I am loving the diet!!! It is great and I actually really am enjoying eating everything! its just making sure I can make it fit in with my lifestyle but im determined to do this as I think the concept behind is great!
  12. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Righteo - good luck!
  13. I'm on my way

    I'm on my way Well-Known Member

    I went slightly off plan on mothers day and again this week on my OH's birthday, apart from one slightly naughty meal on each occasion I got straight back on track, the scales were evil and I weighed heavier for a few days after but if you stick with it it comes back off, I still felt/feel slimmer even though the scales are only just catching up again! If you are in ketosis you should eat some carbs to come out of it before drinking alcohol as this can be dangerous!
    Enjoy the hen w/e but then get back on plan as soon as you can.
  14. scrumper

    scrumper Well-Known Member

    and pleaseremember going in and out of ketosis when you want to is also not very good for your body
  15. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    and the weight loss is never quite as fast as the first or second time you do this diet... (take it from one who knows!!).

    As for dangers of drinking in ketosis, that's interesting!
  16. Atropos

    Atropos Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in this as well, and would like to learn more.

    I only recently discovered that Alcohol is treated in the body almost as a "super-carb" - that is, just as the body will chose to burn carbs before fat (producing energy and storing the excess as fat and glycogen in the muscles and liver) so it will chose to burn alcohol before carbs, again producing energy, fat and glycogen - which is why both heavy drinking and excessive carb intake (all those corn syrup fizzy drinks!) can lead to fatty liver disease.
  17. scrumper

    scrumper Well-Known Member

    i would of thought first drink in and your out of Ket to be honest .....I think the lack of carbs whilst drink could be a problem as they absorb the alcohol and no carbs = get drunk very quick
  18. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    I was thinking of sending the original poster re the dangers of alcohol in ketosis over to inform some of the the Atkins posters of the fact. Lots do seem to drink quite a bit!! (Hello vicky!!!! <ducking before she hits me!>)
  19. scrumper

    scrumper Well-Known Member

    roflmao !!! yeah them atkins girls can hit the bottle ive heard .........
  20. scrumper

    scrumper Well-Known Member

    also why they say eat carbs before you drink...........
    ie fatty liver cirrosis(cant spell) ect , because alkys drink not eat !!!

    I had to do a lot of work on the dangerous of the booze for my personal licence...... some of the things you hear would make you never drink again
  21. jaqys

    jaqys Well-Known Member

    alcohol dosent knock me out of ketosis, yes get drunk faster, 2 drinks max for me (though not having any at the mo).
    Problem is you burn the alcohol off first so wasting burning on those rather than fat arses(or other problem area..).

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