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Dukan Do It If You Really Try

This is day one of Attack and my new affirmation to myself is ' Dukan Do It If You Really Try'. I have such high hopes of this eating plan. Mind you I had high hopes of Atkins and after 18 days after following the plan religiously I had not lost an ounce. Thus I start Dukan today weighing 23st 1 lb. Now that's a lot of blubber even on my large 5ft 10' frame. I now officially have a large frame having done Dukans fingers around your own wrist test.
Iended my time with Dr Atkins yesterday evening and decided to have a few carbs before the Attack phase. I had a bread roll with my burger and bought a small bar of Galaxy to consume with a cup of tea with skimmed milk. I discovered that I didn't really enjoy the bread, ate two cubes of my favourite choc and it did nothing for me. The rest is in the fridge waiting for someone else to eat later. I had a taste of my birthday cake ( a posh fruit one kept from January) and found the cake bit was okay and the icing way too sweet. I really, really enjoyed my cup of tea with milk in though and am having one now. So Atkins was not a complete waste of time. I do seem to have reduced my appetite, though it's still large but my pallete has changed completely!

Food so far/planned for today is:
B- 1 pint water, 1 cup tea with skimmed milk, 3 tablspoons cottage cheese, few ounces turkey ham
L- Squid and smoked salmon
D- Lean Steak followed by onken yoghurt sweetened with candarel vanilla
S- Boild eggs and more yoghurt if I need it.

And lots of walking :)
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How much is a few ounces? You need to be eating a LOT of protein, loads, tonnes ;) Your menu looks a bit light for your size, depending how many extra eggs and yougurt you have.

Dont be afraid to eat.

Best of luck!
Good luck with day one!! I suggest you have a bowl of oatbran porridge at some point to fill you up! 1.5 tbsp made with 150 ml skimmed or light soya milk and sprinkled with canderel. Its a MUST on this diet!! Eggs great fillers and chicken good too!! Don't let yourself become hungry!!! Good luck and keep us informed!! Xx

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Ah. The oatbran is in the cupboard. Forgot that. I'll try either the porridge or the galette later on.
I've had a boiled egg already and am about to have lunch. Feel fine so far !


** Chief WITCH **
Where this diet IS strange, compared to any other, is that the more "pure protein" you eat, the more weight you lose. The more you weigh, the more protein you need to eat (but don't make yourself ill if you're not hungry of course!!).

Keep slugging down that water too...

Can I also suggest, if you haven't already, that you get some photos done of yourself now (just keep them to yourself if you prefer) and also take your measurements! If you're anything like me, you'll have been avoiding cameras for years and won't have a good "before" picture for later. The measurements come in handy when perhaps you might have a month without such a good weight loss, but you'll see all the centimetres you've lost.

I lost my weight a different way, but I wish I'd known about this diet back in 2002 when I weighed 22 stone!

Good luck and post lots! I love your diary name!
Thanks for the great advice Joanne. I've followed your advice and upped the protein- had another egg, made the boiled egg mayo and had 170g of squid and 50g smoked salmon. Can't manage any more yet but have my yoghurt lined up. Am pleased with myself as I've drunk 3 pints of water and 2 cups of tea so far.
Is it too personal to ask you the 'other way' that you lost your weight?
Kindest regards x


** Chief WITCH **
Not at all LMO... just that I'm about to run from the office... back Monday!

I call it "healthy eating", but I just followed my own thing really. Unlimited chicken, veg, fruit... and pretty much stayed off starches after a few stone... had a few slip ups but still find "none" easier than "some", hence my constantly losing and regaining the last couple of stone.

Oh I did quit smoking four years ago which messed me up a bit...

But I love eating meat and fish, and plenty of it(!), so this diet is perfect for me in between errr "Jo moments", let's call them!

GOOD LUCK! (I've some photos in my profile, but not sure if you need a certain number of posts to be able to see... keep posting!)
Day 2 and going well. Following advice from all the lovely Dukaners I upped my protein intake and have eaten LOADS today. I've consumed smoked salmon, eggs, dukan fat free mayo, a mountain of king prawns, turkey ham,cottage cheese, turkey and chicken. I've had lots of water a two cups of tean. Oh-and a little glass of diet coke. I put my oatbran in yoghurt and it was fine. Not as good as yesterdays sweet porridge that I had for pudding last night , but stll good.
I put the amounts into myfitnessplan.co.uk and I've had 1200 calories, 10 grams carbs (from the eggs and cottage cheese), not a lot of fat and 206 g of protein! My son says thats enough protein for a body builder.
I have no idea if this is nutritionally what I should be aiming for-but as sure as heck ain't hungry.

Went shopping and walked miles in my brand new toner trainers and have to say I can feel it !
Went hospital visiting and hubby, who has had a big operation,is still poorly but on the mend. I would usually revert to comfort eating at times like these but a little switch seems to have gone off in my head and it just hasn't occurred to me to fill myself up with carb and chocolate.
Just wish I didn't still have such a big appetite. Or is it head hunger?


** Chief WITCH **
I hope your husband gets better soon. And it's great to see such energy and determination going into your daily planning. Well done you!

I put the amounts into myfitnessplan.co.uk and I've had 1200 calories, 10 grams carbs (from the eggs and cottage cheese), not a lot of fat and 206 g of protein!
Did you input the oatbran into MFP? I usually get around 30g carbs on a PP day including that...

He says to protect your muscles to be sure to eat between 1 and 1.5g protein per kilo you weigh so you're absolutely fine. Your appetite will dull in time, I'm sure but, for now, it's all good.

Be sure to drink PLENTY of water to help your kidneys with the protein...; and take multivitamins too.

What's on the menu today? How many days attack are you doing?
Hi Jo. No I didn't put the oatbran in. Gosh it has a lot of carbs in it.
Sadly today has been a nightmare, in every respect including food. Had problems, didn't get a chance to eat anything till 3 o'clock then no access to anything with decent protein.:mad: Consequently have had high fat rubbish and carbs! I know it couldn't be helped due to the unexpected problems but dissappointing knowing that I have a fridge full of lean protein that needs to be eaten.
My efforts have been ruined but tomorrow I'll start again. Usually if I don't stick to an eating plan I crash and burn for months before trying again. I know that it just couldn't b e helped today, despite my good planning.
Tomorrow will be Day One of Attack again and I'm planning on doing seven days.
Back to the hospital to visit again now


** Chief WITCH **
The oatbran does indeed contain plenty of carbs (and fibre, for which we're grateful!).

Sorry to hear about the problems, but glad you still logged in, and good luck for a restart today.

PS - hospital canteen food is a disaster! Been there, tried it! Pocketfuls of protein are the only way. (I carried turkey and beef in my pocket - ok in a little bag - to breakfast on yesterday morning after my 1hr 20 min walk to a faraway market! Glad I did too given the tempting cooking smells there!) In these extreme circumstances, perhaps carry packet low fat ham / sea food sticks etc so that you can eat something or even, better still, make up some oatbran muffins and they travel well!
Hi letmeout!
I started Dukan the same week as you, I've tried Weightwatchers before but found it difficult to keep track of all the points - okay, too lazy to keep track of the points maybe!
I did 6 days of the Attack bit and lost 4 kg (from 100k to 96) and this week on cruise I'm down to 95 but I was out to dinner last night and messed that up a bit! I understand what you're saying about comfort eating, its strange but I seem to have had a switch turned off so I'm just not as drawn to high carb foods like I have been for as long as I can remember, which is fantastic as it helps me feel more in control of what I eat.
My job is pretty demanding and I was knackered by the end of last week, but feeling good this week. Keep it up! I went out for the day with friends yesterday and had the oatbran right before I went out, kept me going for ages so I might try doing that again. I work in a hospital, if you are going to be there for a long time talk to the nurses as they always have access to a food fridge you might be able to stick something in. Hope your husband is recovering well!
Good evening everyone. Thanks for the encouragement and advice. That's great wl Kiwi.
I can't believe it is only a week since I posted. What a lot has gone on! I haven't been able to get near a shop-which is bad, as I haven't got any good protein in the house. However, it is rather irrelevant as I've caught a gastric virus off the ward and haven't been able to eat since Tuesday. Just what you need with a poorly partner, eh? He is on the mend now, thank goodness, but will need looking after for a good few weeks or so.
My second day 1 will have to wait till I'm better. At least I should have lost a pound or two, surely ?
just get yourself better hunxxx worry about diets after

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