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Attack Dukan muffins - savoury... but can be sweet


** Chief WITCH **
I thought it might be an idea to post my recipe in its own thread, rather than directing new people to a specific page of our recipe thread.

Here goes:

Dukan Muffins - alternative to galette/pancake
(Make 12 muffins, 4 days' worth of oats - Cruise phase. Freeze well.)

8 x tablespoons oatbran*
(* if on attack, only 6 tablespoons for four days' muffins)
4 x tablespoons wheatbran*
(*skip if on attack or if no "transit" issues)
4 x tablespoons of fat free fromage frais or quark
4 eggs (separated; you can lose a yolk without noticing! I tend to use 5 whites and 3 yolks)
tip of teaspoon baking powder (optional... I often forget!)

AND, if savoury, some cubed smoked salmon, other smoked fish, ham, chicken, whatever... I also put 1/3 of a crabstick on each.

OR, if sweet, some sweetener, and flavouring of your choice...

1. Preheat your oven to Gas Mark 6 (200°C)

2. Prepare your filling. I chop a piece of smoked salmon or fish into 12 little squares, and 3 crabsticks into 12 little pieces.

3. In a large bowl, place your oatbran, [wheatbran], fromage frais/quark and egg yolks, and mix with a spoon.

4. Then whisk egg whites until firm, and incorporate rapidly.

5. SAVOURY ONES - half fill 12 muffin moulds, quickly pop one piece of fish in each, then fill remaining, popping piece of crabstick on top.
5. SWEET ONES - spoon in sweetener, flavouring, and quickly into your 12 muffin moulds.

Straight into oven... no messing so as not to lose the air!

20 mins in ventilated oven... 30 in normal oven, I have to turn mine round after 20 in the normal oven.

(and I have them almost every day for breakfast...)
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Got to do it this time!!
WOW! You can eat 3 of these a day?!! Gotta try that!! Thanks. :)


Gone a bit quiet
Thanks, Jo. I'd forgotten this one. Must try it again, they were lovely. The first ones I made I flavoured with ginger and orange from the DD shop, they were lovely. Then i started other experiments with the mix, like the toasts, and forgot this. I think lemon peel would be good too, though you can't add the juice really, or not more than a few drops. Goji berries added are nice too, like raisins.
Got OH to buy me a muffin tin last night. So this morning, guns ablazing, I went to do the muffins only to realise I had no eggs......

ANOTHER trip to Tescos!! I think I live there!


** Chief WITCH **
You might have to go back again and get a silicon muffin tin (cos they stick otherwise!)
Baked these this afternoon in silicone bun cases (couldn't find silicone muffin-sized individual cases). A two-egg quantity made 9 cup-cakes and took a little over 20 minutes to cook. They're actually lovely and a welcome change to porridge. :D

Himself saw me planning to bake though and asked for sultana & walnut cupcakes and nagged all morning till I agreed. :mad:


** Chief WITCH **
2 eggs for 2 days' bran?

I regularly make them with gojis and sweetener. "Almost" like a fruit cake (when it's been a long time since you tasted one!)
Yes, two eggs for two days' bran. ;)
I'll add a pinch of salt next time, I reckon.
And I obviously can't count - actually got ten cupcakes out of this and decided today to call them scones when I was eating one in front of a neighbour. :)

That gives me five a day as something 'bready' and feels great. Thanks again. Think I'll try mustard & chives in tomorrow's batch.
Have now done these (scone-sized) in various different flavours for variety:
mustard & chive
herb and chilli flakes
chilli powder & cumin seed
lemon zest & caraway seed
chocolate (needs tweaking)

and would be lost without these. They're lifesavers.

I'm contemplating a stuffing flavour one to go with my chicken, just mulling over onion seeds vs grated onion. Any thoughts?
I made these today, very simple to do and looked great.
meant to add some goji berries in half the mixture but forgot-will do it next time.
Had one so far and it taseted great, going to make some topping to go on the top. :)
I have a batch of these cooking with sweetener & strawberry flavouring, which I can't wait to try... need to try to find a way of making some chocolate ones next! Cheers for the recipe :) x
Holand and Barrett sell them, personally I don't like them I find them a little bitter, think they were aprox £2.60 per small bag x
I got some in morrisons, by the raisins and stuff sorry cant remember how much they were. I like them in the muffins or ontop of galette then with total 0% yog ontop that!
So they say Pauline x

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