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Cruise PP Dukan-o-rama


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So i've been reading a lot lately on this site and the internet about the Dukan Diet. So I saw the book on offer the other day so bought it.

I had a good read and a lot of it has really made sense to me. I have lost weight on atkins but the weight seems to be migrating to my thighs and I have a generally puffy face. I think my body just doesn't agree with all the fats to be honest.

I love the idea of low fat and high protein so I'm giving it a go.

Yesterday was Day 1 for me and weight was 11stone 2 I reckon ( rubbish scales).

Food I ate yesterday
B: Boiled egg and coffee + milk
L: Hard boiled egg and about 8 slices I think of lidls smoke turkey.

Snack: 100g of 0.1 fat yoghurt _ 1.5 tbsp oat bran

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast and some reheated baked ham.

Drinks: Pint of diet coke, about 6 pints of water, many many cups of tea and coffee.

Now it was only after I ate this I realised that not all proteins are equal and I probably shouldn't have eaten the ham. But hey ho I did it, nothing I can do about that now.

I had a path well worn to the bathroom by the time it was 9pm last night lol

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Hi, Dimage. :)

Please careful with smoked meats and fish as they appear to cause water retention and potential problems in some people.

I hear what you're saying about journeys to the loo. I'm surprised that our stair carpet isn't completely threadbare by now! ;-)


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Oh thanks for that, theres so much new information to take in from the book, it seems I read something new and another bit of information drops out of my brain lol

I actually remember reading that now, so will go easy on it. Thanks:thankyou:


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So Day 2 today.

Weigh in first thing this morning and I seem to be 2lbs down wahay. Again I say seem as the scales is so wonky lol.

Drinking huge amounts of water again, and yes dukandebut am keeping an eyeout now for the threadbare bits lol.

B: 1.5tbs oatbran with 4tbsp milk as a porridge mixed with 50g of .1% fat yoghurt. Surprisingly delish.

L: Grilled chicken breast with 2 scrambled eggs.

D: will most likely be grilled steak.

Snack: 50g of yoghurt to make a total of 100g over the day.

Drinks: water, tea and decaf coffee with milk.

Still going grand, I haven't found myself gazing longingly into the fridge yet anyway.:cool:

Not hungry at all, but I reckon thats because I've basically switched over from atkins and very low carbs , so I haven't had to go through that withdrawel at all.:happy036: It was bad enough first time round without doing it twice!.
The dairy is unlimted on attack and limited to 1litre after so you can have more than 100gms if you need to.

Looks to be going well.


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Oh thats great jaqys, I don't know why I got the 100g into my head lol.

Before the low carb life I couldn't abide yoghurt, now I'd eat it all day if let lol

Tastes really change eating like this.


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Looks to be going very well... Well done!

Did you visit the official website to work out your Dukan "true weight"? Your target looks a little low (to me) for your height, but it's up to you of course...


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Hi there,

well done on day 2! But I just wanted to echo what Jaqys said - you are allowed more dairy - quark, yoghurt, cottage cheese in combination with mustard, or herbs and spices can all add a bit of interest once you get bored with plain chicken breasts and steaks! Or in combination with sweetener and possibly cinnamon or vanilla flavouring for a sweet!


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Thank you both for replying.

Yep maintainer the true weight I got on the site was 9stone 9lbs, so I've just taken that weight on my stats as it works out at 9 and a half stone. My brain works weirdly with weight, I like the sound of it better lol.

Thanks for that anjuschka, I'll have to get myself to the shops later or tomorrow. I've just remembered I've seen quark in the local shopping centre recently and hadn't a clue what it was. I can try it now!
Day 3 today and just did weigh in. Down another pound today woohoo.

Just had the galette for breakfast, delicious despite it sticking to the fry pan. Loads of water to start the day on the right foot.


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Yay well done!

Have you got new scales yet? That was the first thing I bought before starting.

How may days attack are you doing, surely not more than three? You'll be craving veggies soon ;-)

Also: you're my height, just aiming 1/2st lower than me. In my heard my official maintainable target weight (64kg) is 10st (that would be 63.5) that's a nice round figure that works for me!
Even though I give out about the wonky scales, I think I'm going to stick with it as it is so vague.

In another lifetime I had a digital scales and was absolutely obsessed with weighing myself in it. Slight variations could be picked up and could send me off into a spiral for the entire day. It got to the point I would weigh after virtually everything I ate. Definately not healthy.

So as long as this scales shows a general trend downwards I'm happy enough.

Yep 3 days attack for me, I reckon thats loads. I think a 10 stone weight may actually suit me better, I will reasses my goal when I get there. I sure won't press on regardless lol.


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Ah I see re: the scales. Well that's great if you've recognized that particular issue! And yes you've got a very good attitude there!


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Interestingly, on a French site I've used, no one under 25 BMI is encouraged to even start this diet! (But Dimage was already low carbing, so on the ketosis treadmill already!)
Oh thats interesting alright, I can see why though if a person took it to extremes by doing an extended attack phase it could be dangerous for a lower BMI person.

Onto Day 4 for me today.

So onto the cruise stage for me. Delighted to have some veg back today, 3 days was about right for me on attack I reckon.

Rolled meat filled with extra low philly plus some mushrooms for brekkie this morning.

Enjoying some of my yoghurt that I froze last night so a nice treat!

A question for you all: I'm undecided about what version of PP/PV to do. As in 1/1, 5/5 or is 3/3 doable?

Any advice?


Not very good at this!
I used to do a pv pv pp pp pv pp pp combo and that worked for me, then when I restarted a month ago I just did a 1/1 - but at the moment I am doing 3/3 - they all seem to work.
5/5 suits some people as a shopping issue - eat all your veg in a row. to me the idea is constipation city.

I do 1/1 with the occassion 2/2 when I need to switch it up to be social.
Some do a mixed pattern so to have pv on the weekends.
Well up until 10 minutes ago it was going to be 3/3. But I was just reading an old thread there and someone mentioned doing 4 PP/ 3 PV. i.e Mon-Thurs PP and the every Fri, sat and sunday PV.

I reckon that could really work for me as I wouldnt have to think about where I was, just set days set food!

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