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** Chief WITCH **
Let's share our tips to keep the cost of the diet reasonable...

If anyone comes across something Dukan friendly on offer in a certain shop, let us know!

Some things I do...
Always check online before going to the supermarket to see what is on offer, and I shop/menu plan accordingly, often buying in bulk said items and freezing.

My supermarket has 30-50% off some fresh foods first thing in the morning. I'm there when it opens! (Check when yours discounts fresh goods, perhaps late in the day...)

Chicken/turkey, etc slices ARE expensive. Cook from scratch - far cheaper - and, while your oven is on, cook a few things!

Buy family sized packs of chicken / steak.

5% fat burgers are often expensive - buy a very lean piece of beef and mince it yourself!

Switch to long life skimmed milk - finding I threw a lot of fresh milk away, I switched to LL... hated it initially, now don't notice difference - except in the price!

Oh and use discount stores too - Lidl's smoked salmon, for instance, is excellent! (Some things aren't, so trial and error, and POST HERE!)

And, remember - while yes perhaps at the supermarket we spend more money than before, but we save on lots of "extras" we no longer buy during the week...
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And, remember - while yes perhaps at the supermarket we spend more money than before, but we save on lots of "extras" we no longer buy during the week...
That's true.. when i'm having a week off, I'll get up to 4 takeaways a week - roughly £8 each, that's nearing £35 a week :eek:
Just this weekend I've had mcdonalds twice, an indian takeaway, crisps, chocolate, lots and lots of beer and a bag of chips :eek:
I'm disgusting reading that back :8855:

What about frozen chicken fillets?
I only ever buy fresh, I can't bring myself to buy frozen chicken, I keep thinking it will be fake or something lol but I don't eat red meat so will just be eating chicken mostly so may consider the frozen fillets which are a lot cheaper.
Also eggs... I used to be funny about getting organic free range, about £3-4 for 12, but now I get the cooks eggs from asda which I think is about £3.50 for 30 eggs.. and I can't tell the difference


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also... is it cheaper to get meat from a butchers?? i wouldn't know because I only ever go asda or tesco
The mysupermarket site is good for price comparison and seeing who has offers.

Sainsburys basics is great for fish, trout fillets, smoked salmon trimmings, frozen white fish.
I use the trout at lot as you get 3 good sized fillets for £1:50-2 which do a dinner and next day lunch.
They have almon too but its a bit dearer.
Tinned tuna is often at 50% off the 5 can packs so I stock up when it is.
Tinned sardines, sugar free jelly and large pots of fromage frais are my other cheapo bits.

And eggs :)

No ideas on meat - I didnt but it at all before dukan so its all a bit of a shock both how much it costs and how much to eat.


** Chief WITCH **
I shop at my local butcher's because he takes luncheon vouchers (which I get at work and don't use when dieting as I bring my own food).


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5% fat burgers are often expensive - buy a very lean piece of beef and mince it yourself!
ive never even found them here!
Find out when your supermarket does the reduced items. I got 6 fillet steaks from tesco really cheap!
The frozen chicken is fine. But at the moment im stocking up on the tesco 3 for a tenner on the chicken breasts and freezing.
Asda do turkey, cut up ready for stir fry for £2.20 (around that)
I got 6 kebabs worth out and still have some frozen!


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farm foods -1.5kg chicken thighs frozen 2 for £6
Frozen cauli and broccoli - £1 each
loads of offers!


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i shop in iceland and i found two small chicken's for £4 i thought these where ok in value if anyone wanted a change from just the fillets and i actually ate one yesterday the whole of it lol !!!


Dukan Ancestor!!
This morning Sainsbury had very Large fresh chickens on special offer at £5 and smaller (medium) ones at £4 I think. Guess what we're having this weekend! Plus chicken soup later...
I don't know that any special deals will help anyone here except Jo unless you're on holiday of course. Sveltesse yogurts were 12 + 4 free just now in the packs (+ 25% off the price) at Leclerc if you want to stock up, Jo. I might get some for a change (prefer their own brand as they have Vitamin D in them too).


** Chief WITCH **
Thanks Laura - but I don't have easy access to a Leclerc so I think the pair of us can simply help out with ideas as to how to keep the cost low.

Often people find this diet expensive, but so long as we don't buy too much convenience food, I think I'm quids in when following it strictly because of the extras!

Cooking from scratch helps keep cost down... buying in bulk, particularly when there are offers, too.
Oh and Contrex (if you can bear to swallow it) is 8 bottles for the price of 6. Think that's everywhere. I've bought some because my husband likes it, weird man.
Offer alert ladies: Sainsburys have smoked salmon, prawns and tinned Princes Salmon all on HALF PRICE.

Every penny counts.



Dukan Ancestor!!
Thanks Nikki,

LIDL have a promotion on smoked trout - I've just scoffed a fillet from there (bought ages ago, there is no LIDL near me) - yum yum!

Trout Fillets 1.29 per pack (from 1.99)

  • Juniper Berries, Garlic or Mixed Peppercorns
  • 125g
  • £1.03/100g
Ooo Anja I love trout, and Lidl isnt too far away. thank you. x

Sainsburys have an offer on their rhubarb (which I dont think is that cheap in the shops now).

Two packs (400g each) for £3. Usually £1.99 for one pack.

As one of you lovely ladies suggested, cut it up in 100g batches and freeze it.


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