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  1. Pootle

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    Has anyone tried the Dukan quick mix pancake mix? (I saw it in the Dukan shop and thought it might be a good buy for breakfasts or for making a sandwhich type thing.) If anyone has tried it and would recommend it, how many should you eat for your daily allowance of oatbran in Attack/Cruise?

    I'm about to buy a load of Dukan flavourings for my homemade yoghurt and wonder whether to add this to my shopping list.
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  3. Maintainer

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    I would have thought that the instructions ref quantity allowed on each phase would be on the product on the website? I wouldn't waste my money on it if it's just the normal pancake ingredients weighed out for you.
  4. Pootle

    Pootle Silver Member

    Very true, thanks. I might just search for a pancake recipe in the recipe section on here. Would Dukan pancakes be the same as the galette? I tried to make those early on when I first did Dukan and they were always a disaster!
  5. LVLLM

    LVLLM Gold Member

    I saw quite a lot of dukan items for sale on the low carb megastore. Bars and stuff !
  6. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Here's a good pancake recipe (I've pasted from this old thread

    OK... here's my first solution - a crepe "invented" by a French person on a forum I used to use. Her pseudo was "Orlac", hence the crepe's name:

    Crêpe légère d'Orlac

    2 beaten eggs
    2 tablespoons powdered skimmed milk
    1 tablespoon sweetener

    You need a GOOD non stick pan. Heat it up, spoon some mixture in, and wait for the bottom to cook. It will then be easier to turn with a spatula...
    You can flavour your mixture with flavourings... I sometimes put some coffee essence in mine.
    OK it's not perfect but there are no tolerateds even in it. (Powdered skimmed milk is carby so it's not something to use too freely but it's fine for a couple of crepes!)

    And here is the foolproof method for the best galette ever. OK it might take a little practice.

    Since we've so many people just joined us I thought it might help, since everyone's first attempt is a disaster I think. You need a REALLY GOOD non stick pan. Don't worry about seperating your egg - just mix with 1.5 tbsp oatbran if you're in attack, 2 if in cruise, 1 tbsp sweetner & 1 tbsp fromage frais or quark and perhaps some flavouring (a shake of cinnamon or few drops of oil and alcohol free vanilla essence).

    A savoury version would be the same without the sweetener and adding dried herbs/spices for flavour.

    With your pan on the smallest ring on the lowest heat pour in your mixture and shake it around a bit to flatten and spread it out. Set a timer for no less than 10 minutes and then go away and forget about it. When your timer goes off gently edge a spatula in one side, bring it round the edges and your galette should lift up off the pan. You can flip it now and give it another 5 - 8 minutes to finish it off.

    It takes a little practice but once you've got the technique the galettes are brilliant! (Foolproof galette)

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