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Dukan vs all the rest ... peoples average weight loss?

In the Dukan book, it estimates an average of 2Ib a week loss ... I know essentially the best way to lose and maintain weight loss is to loose it slowly, but how does that justify the diet when Weight watchers, slimming world and all the rest also average 2Ib a week and dont involve cutting out the things I love (sugar, cheese and bread! haha) ... ?

what has been peoples average loss PER week on Dukan, or how long did it take you to get to goal weight ... ? Im interested to know as I was suprised to read it was only 2Ib a week
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I lost five the first week, though only at the end. After that it has been about two pounds a week for the weeks I stayed on it (I broke off for five weeks for various reasons). I also found the South Beach diet fairly effective. But I think Dukan gives an easily remembered set of rules. Also having 4 stages helps as you keep on monitoring. Although I couldn't stay on it when travelling, every time I had the opportunity I could slip into a protein only day, so it was a bit like consolidation phase tho I'd not reached goal weight. Now back on it and much easier as I really know what I'm doing. I've done weight watchers too under their old system and found that fiddly. Also if you have small amounts of starch and sugar you don't quash the cravings - South Beach starts off with no starches also but you re-introduce them after two weeks and back come the cravings. Dukan really works for that. After being off it, I craved sweet stuff and cheese so much when I started it again 4 days ago, but yesterday and today have been much less problem.
First day back I found a cache of little Easter eggs I'd forgotten to give away! No prizes for guessing how many I ate! Well I didn't want them tempting me on day 2 as well did I?


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I find dukan good because it is a new way of looking at food. It's not just about weight loss but maintaining it. The rules are rigid so it's easier to stick to and personally I find it harder to cheat on this.

I've done other diets and lost weight but couldn't maintain them and ended up weighing the most I've ever weighed. Dukan allows you to eat as much as you want of the allowed foods so u never have that hungry feeling which normally leads to a cheat and usually failure on other diets. It helps get u back in the kitchen creating lots of exciting recipes and generally eating healthy!

It's not just the weight loss though. I've lost 15lbs so far (that's after four weeks, i weigh myself every two weeks so due to weigh again on Sunday) I have loads more energy, my skin has cleared up, my moods have improved and my nails and hair are in great condition. I feel the best I hav done in years and I've only been on dukan for 6 weeks.

You can eat normally again on dukan without puttin any weight on. It's a life changing thing! It is a lifestyle change and a very easy one at that :) xx
Well I'm on calorie counting and have lost 60lb since December 1st last year and I've eaten everything I love (chocolate, cheese, nachos, pasta...you name it) just in smaller portions that come in under my calorie goal for the day.


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Well I'm on calorie counting and have lost 60lb since December 1st last year and I've eaten everything I love (chocolate, cheese, nachos, pasta...you name it) just in smaller portions that come in under my calorie goal for the day.
wow well done how many calories were u eating ? x
1200 calories a day, and I ate back my exercise calories. And I had a nightly treat of one scoop of haag diaz ice cream - and I honestly wear down with honesty when I say I wasn't hungry once. I'm just an ordinary girl, so if I can work for me it can work for anyone! (Haha I sound like such an advert!) couldn't recommend it more! :D
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With all diets, it really wouldn't be either good for you or sensible to lose a lot more than 2lbs per week, so I would have avoided Dukan like the plague if that had been the case during Cruise.

As others have said, you're given a good, strict set of rules - which can be far easier for many people to adhere to, since they know exactly where they stand and what to do. This is followed by instructions on how to gradually re-introduce other foods in order to consolidate and then stabilise the weight loss. Many other diets pretty much leave you high and dry afterwards or don't prepare you mentally for life after the weight loss has ended.

Very importantly, Dukan seems to be effective for many people whose attempts at other diets have failed: for instance, those of us over a certain age whose hormones are starting to misbehave.

I've also noticed that it has not only helped me to lose weight, but it has completely changed my body shape. I went from pear-shaped to slim, athletic. It seems to be excellent at using up your fat reserves and leaving lean muscle behind - again, something which many other diets fail to do.

So far, I'm pretty convinced that Dukan is better.


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Reading a few threads from other diet sites, I think Dukan is better too, as so many seem to be unsustainable. But even with healthy ones you can't take your eye off the ball, or back on it goes! As I know to my cost. I agree about this one being more interesting in the kitchen. Creative oatbran......


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Where Dukan wins hands down, for people like myself, is that I'm not hungry so am not tempted by high calorie/high fat foods. I've tried all the diets under the sun in the past, and had a certain amount of success at each - all diets work, after all; we only need to stick to them - but this one is the only one I don't feel hungry or deprived on.

However, phase 3 is a tough one and one I fear having failed miserably several times at. Something for new people to realise when embarking on this diet that it's not just a race to goal weight, like most. This one requires some consolidating + stabilising at the end, like all low carb diets.

Hence here, on this website, we dissuade people with small losses/normal BMIs from starting.
the easiest part is losing the weight, the hardest part is maintaining.ive lost stones and stones over the years with various diets. the heaviest ive weight not including pregnancies is 16st 1lb. the lightest as an adult 8st 3lbs! i dont mean to sound disrespectful but everytime im in the zone of losing weight i feel invincible and think ive finally found the diet for me and guess what as soon as i think ive done it? it goes back on. i know push boundaries with previous diets, i needed something new with strict guidelines. what attracted me to dukan was 2 things.... 1, the true weight, not like other diets where your goal weight is based on sex, and height? but a true weight which is based on sex, age height, bone density, pregnancies, previous weights, etc.... 2, the only thing that is asked after the consolidation phase is to have one protien day per week, to always use the stairs and to have oatbran every day for the rest of your life.... not counting calories and weighing items... sounds almost too good to be true, so im giving it a go. after battling with my weight for 14yrs im ready to stabilize. any diet if stuck to will help you lose weight, its what you choose to do after it that counts. xx


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I'm chuffed to bits to have lost 11lbs in less than 4 weeks. But for me, Dukan is great because of fact you're never hungry, never even tempted, and have loads of energy.

I can't compare to other diets, because I've never done one (except for a bit of faffing with WW). But this has worked well for me. My sister's have started it now, and so have my parents! My dad's even becoming quite evangelical about it after only five days.

Edited to say: this has worked for me so far
This is all really interesting - thanks everyone for replying. I agree with the fact that loosing it is the "easy" part (when I see easy i mean bloody difficult but do-able! haha) its the maintaining for me thats always a problem. Last year I started TFR in August at 14stone7Ib and finished 6 weeks later on 12stone11Ib ... then I went on a holiday came back and all I'v done ever since is EAT .. and all the bad stuff - like literally I was waking up at 2am in hte morning and going to the kitchen to find chocolate ... bad bad bad eating habits, and the worst of it was most of the time I probably wasny hungry - I just constantly think about food.

Im finding that now on day 3 of Dukan (and 4Ib down I might add :)) Im not at all hungry, and although the thought of food is still constantly there, not because Im hungry but because food is my addiction, Im not depriving myself and actually like last night when I couldnt stop thinking about food - I can sit and eat food like chicken or crab sticks and then thats the desire dealt with.

Things like WW and Slimming world are all good and well but then i find myself falling into bad habits like "oh 1 chocolate from the box wont hurt because iv got like 40 points left this week!" .. and then the whole box is gone, whereas on Dukan I know I cant have 1 at all - the barriers and restrictions will in the long term, as much as I hate them now, help me hugely change my thoughts towards food (I hope!)

My partner was about to embark on TFR again this morning after finding out she's now the heaviest she has ever been, but I convinced her to try Dukan first because its far more achievable AND it helps to keep the weight off ...

Im dreading that consolidation stage though ... knowing Im at goal weight and still have to "diet" is going to be tough - but hopefully by then, my mindset would hvae changed completely.

I'v got a baby on the way in 4 months (adoption - Im not pregnant before anyone yells at me! haha) and I want to be fit and ready for him when he comes and already in a healthy eating mindset so that he benefits from that too .. he is my motivation. :)


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For my first stint on Dukan after 2 weeks of BIG losses when being good I lost a fairly steady 3lbs a week.
I was heavier than many here though.
On weightwatchers at a lower start weight I lost probably 1.5 a week on average.

How strict you are, how much you weigh, your age, your hormones etc all come into play.


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I really love this site :D
jaqys is right. If someone like me for instance lost 2lb a week, that would be nearly 2% of my body weight a week - or 1% every 4 days. I don't think my heart could cope with that! It does all depend on your your own body, but all diets are essentially sexy ways of counting calories (with perhaps the exception of Atkins) so if Dukan gives you a method that works for you then it's the best method FOR YOU and you should use it!


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Dukan works in a completely different way to the diets you mention, like Slimming World.

Swimming World, for example, restricts the amount you can eat, but not the type of food. Dukan allows you unlimited amounts of a certain type of food.

That in itself is attractive to some people - I know that when I go home tonight I won't have used up my "quota" for the day; I can eat as much as I like of the steak, butternut squash and frozen yogurt I have planned.

But in addition - the diets you mention treat all food sources as equal. Carbohydrates - bread and sugar - are still included, and this is a huge problem in you are one of the estimated 40% of the population whose metabolism tends to store carb-energy rather than burn it.

Worse, the orthodox view for the past 40 years has been that "good carbs" should be the largest parts of our diet - for example baked potatoes or wholemeal bread and bananas, and so these diets are still weighted towards the very foodstuffs that make around 40% of us gain weight.

In my case - in 3 weeks on Weigh Watchers Pro Points, followed to the letter, I gained 3 lbs and became heavier than I had ever been in my life. In the first 3 weeks on Dukan I lost 7 lbs, and have continued to lose 2lbs a week, like clockwork, ever since.


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Also - and this is the cynic in me thinking aloud -

- it suits the companies that own TFR, Slimming World and WW etc to keep you coming back for more, because you will continue to pay subscriptions and buy the branded products for years to come.

Dukan can be followed without buying anything. My food bills remain the same (the extra cost of meat and eggs balanced out by the savings on sandwichs, lattes and snacks) - but I am actually saving real money by cancelling the ww subscription!
I do agree with you that WW/SW are a bit of fad. They offer people a fool proof "Eat this, eat that then eat X points worth of this and you will loose this", all in exchange for a small fortune every week. In saying that, if you can't get your head around doing it yourself, go for it - but I do think that companies like this are first about the profit, then the people. However, if people are willing to pay, fair play to them!

I've always been a bit naive on the carb front - do you really think it makes your weight slow down? I'm a sucker for carbs, so maybe I should go low carb for a week and see how that effects my losses. I will miss them though :(
Dukan has worked best for me (did WW once before and lost 7 kilos but put nearly all back as I didn't stabilise - my own fault). I lost 10 kilos or so in 3 months and so far it's stayed off - am now 3 months into stabilisation. That said, I haven't gone back to how I ate pre-Dukan - conso (once the weight is lost and being consolidated) is just PV x 6 + an extra or two and 1 PP day and stabilisation (phase IV) is conso with another extra here and there. :D
Dukan has worked best for me (did WW once before and lost 7 kilos but put nearly all back as I didn't stabilise - my own fault). I lost 10 kilos or so in 3 months and so far it's stayed off - am now 3 months into stabilisation. That said, I haven't gone back to how I ate pre-Dukan - conso (once the weight is lost and being consolidated) is just PV x 6 + an extra or two and 1 PP day and stabilisation (phase IV) is conso with another extra here and there. :D
Not being a Dukan member I have no idea what half of those words mean but your weight loss seems FANTASTIC! wooo! Well done you :D I love hearing that people have lost weight and feeling better about themselfs! :D :D Keep it up hun!

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