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dulcolax = tabs from the devil


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i took two dulcolax tonight to try to get rid of the build up not 'been' since i started LT :eek:

and i am now in bed with hot and cold flushes a water bottle strapped to my belly and feeling very sorry for myself.

one plus point i guess is....i dont feel in the slightest bit hungry!
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The Diet Guy
They can be "volcanic" and be quite uncomfortable, I think they say that you must take them before bed as I assume the reason is you don't want to be awake while they do their work.

I used to hang off the toilet sink the morning after taking some but they certainly unblocked the drain!

I had 2 dulcolax last night - and hey presto!!! I've been...
I am a bit worried because I can't 'go' unless I take laxatives - I will ask the chemist at weigh in tomorrow...


Says it as it is!!!
I love ducolax... make you feel completely cleaned out!!! I am with icemoose ... you do have a hairy time in the early hours ...but it is worth it.. x x xYou will be fine hun
Julie Phillips.. you should try taking double amounts of fibreclear as it is fibre bulk and help to keep you regular also there isnt as much going in so less coming out! Keep your water up babe and i am sure it will change!


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i wish i wasnt awake - but the cool wash basin porcelain is a bloody godsend innit!!!! jesus i hope it weighs lots :p

ohh please will someone gag me - i am grossing myself out!!

I will try to get some fibre thingfromt he chemist that is ok with LT on friday when i go for first WI - hopefully that is allowed?
I used to take one!!


Says it as it is!!!
fibreclear is definately allowed.... Taking them at night is much better
I had 2 once, man I thought I was going to explode and die, hot and cold flushes, tunnel vision, sweating like a pig, not nice. Should take one initially but youve took 2 now I hope you will be fine. When you finally get moving it takes about 15 minutes to ease. But by eck they are good!
Happy poo poo lol x
I take mid week, and just before a weigh in. It is awful, but is over with before you know it, and you have had a good clear out. With nic here and I like that feeling of having a good clearout!x
Icemoose, what a massive loss, thats amazing and to maintain for so long. Well done!x


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happy poo poo :eek: are u insane :D

how often does everyone take it then?


Says it as it is!!!
mid week and night before my way in - twice


soon to be minnie mouse
same here gotta have one the night before a WI
just the 1 is enough for me thanks,couldn't imagine taking 2, oh the pain


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i think i will stick to 1 next time then!! weigh in on friday so i wont be doing this agian this week - might think about doing it twice next week though

maybe monday and thurday eek!!!

oh and btw - the explosive volcanic thing has been and gone i hope!!1 but for a sec there as i was lying on the bathroom floor with nowt on - i prayed i wouldnt die and then paramedics couldnt find me in that state!!! :D

clean s a whistle now though.....whitttttwhoooooo


Says it as it is!!!
lmao...just be away..if you feel like a pump...go to the loo it may be a poo!!! glad your feeling better


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lmao i love the no holds barred comments on this forum!!!

u crack me up nic!!!

i am now on pump alert! :D


Says it as it is!!!
oops i do kinda tell it how it is!!! i forget sometimes its public view ...but then again ...what the hell its natural..well kinda with duco hehe :)


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lmao i dont mind at all hun - made me giggle too!!!

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