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I'm debating whether to get hubby a Kindle or a Sony E-Reader for Christmas .... I know I'm leaving it a bit late but I'd be really grateful if anyone can help with personal reviews etc. I know, due to the format, that you can only download books from Amazon for the Kindle but can use various outlets for the Sony (including free downloads from Library's etc). Any advice would be gratefully received.
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I've looked into getting one of these....
I think that for the kindle, whilst it is amazon based, if you do some hunting around you can get books from other places for the kindle. Also, amazon is very reasonably priced - both for the kindle and for the books.

The reason I haven't got one..... I don't think anything feels like holding a book in your hand and turning a page. I still fancy one for holidays as they are not affected by the sun's glare and it would be easier and lighter than taking 5 or 6 books in the case!

Just my opinion of course but I did decide against one for now.

Are you sure you will be able to get one? I'm not sure what the stocks are like!
Thanks Jaylou. I can still order the Kindle (just) but the weather could bugger up their 'promised' delivery. I've been into out local Waterstones today and they've got stock of the blue or silver Sonys (best not choose the shocking pink). I think the decision is made twixt the two and I can dither for a few more days if necessary :wave_cry:
I am a huge reader - and always swore that I would never, ever abandon the humble book... but I've had my Kindle since the new 3rd Gen ones were launched at the beginning of Sept. And I ADORE it.

I almost struggle to read paper based books now. It's just sooooooo easy to use, carry around, etc. and not once have I ever noticed that it's not a book, iyswim.
Think about it, if you are reading a book, and get into it, are you really thinking about what it is made of? What you're holding in your hands? How turning the pages feels? No, of course you aren't! You're lost in the book - so reading a Kindle is no different - just lighter, easier to hold/carry/whatever.

You CAN use books from other places on kindle too - it's not just Amazon books. I downloaded loads for free from the Gutenburg Project - Project Gutenberg - free ebooks online download for iPad, Kindle, Nook, Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, Sony Reader and they work perfectly.
I've bought OH one for Xmas but I'm sure he'll share! :p I've also been looking round and there seem to be plenty of books available from various places ;) There are also conversion programmes available so you really aren't stuck with Amazon

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