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Earl Grey Tea..

im pretty sure it's a nono but not 100%
any why would u wanna drink it anyways ewwwwww


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Ahhh.... muchos!!! I don't really like tea or coffee that much so I find the odd cup of Earl grey a nice change. I find I drink more tea and coffee on this diet to fill me up tho. Thanks for the link!! xx


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Ah ok, a CDC says that it's ok but only the odd one. I will steer clear just in case ...


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Hi Tara,

How did you get on today!! I hope you are holding strong!!

Can we drink green tea with jasmine?? or is that a no too?

Hiya hun,

I'm alright, getting hungry but I've not had my 3rd shake yet, I'm gonna have it in a min, not had any brews either :) Drunk the water so I couldn't ask for a better day! I don't see my CDC til Sunday so used all the cruddy flavours today so tomorrow I have better shakes. I figured I'd feel more hungry/grumpy etc tomorrow. LOL :D

How are you... how have you found day 2? xx


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Hi ya! Well done!! I was feeling very hungry by this time last night! I have already drunk 2ltrs of water today too - we have both done well on that account!!

It has been hard again today - someone had a birthday at work, and brought in cakes, sweets and biscuits! I had to keep walking past the them :-( but I did it!

I have saved my lunch soup until 5pm tonight, as I found last night harder than the day! I am already hungry again, and have a headache! lol!! But seeing the scales today helped... and I WILL stick with this.

I hear day 3 is just as bad - but day 4 is much better??? I do hope so!

You have done so well - especially not having a brew! lol.

The porridge was better after using the blender - ha ha!
I used the blender and it was still rank!! I won't be having original porridge again. Ooh day three is bad for most.. I also have the paracetamol and stuff on standby.

Ooh well done you resisting the lovely stuff at work!

I was a bit naughty.. I weighed myself at various times throughout the day and I weigh 2lbs lighter than this morning, Hahaha, I know this is just nonsense, but it makes me feel better :scale:

hahahhahaha that is sooooooooo funny i used to do that on other diets infact all around the house, my dear husband has put them somewhere and wont tell me, when i got back from CDC on monday nite they were gone!!! LOL
oooh I think thats grounds for divorce, hahahaha.... x


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Is day 3 going to be the worst day then?? When do we start to feel better??

The orginal porridge is a tiny bit better than the apple and cin one! lol. But neither rock by boat either!! lol.

That is funny you weighing yourself - I just popped upstairs to do the same before I saw your post! lol! Well I lost 3lbs over night, I know most of it will be water - but it made me have the courage to keep going today.....

I hope the scales are my friend again tomorrow!
Even tho its water weight that I'm loosing I still love it!!!

They will still be your friend.... things can only get better, espesh when your on about 450cals a day!

I have asked my CDC to bring me and Apple and Cinn. porridge on when I see her on Sunday. I hope it's better than the other! x

hehe that made me laugh! I reckon that could come under behavioral reasons!. lol. Well done ladys, sounds like you are doing really well and being super strong! Im starting my diet tomoro and just trying to get my head in the right place! Am rather terrified about it all but excited at the same time.. Im a grumpy sod when im hungry so im gonna have to try to keep that under wraps! :p i havent let myself buy any scales yet either so il see how long i last!. x
Getting on well today. not too bad, drunk the water, downed the shakes :jelous:

How about you?? xx
you can add cinnamon to the plain porridge, makes it a bit better :) xxx

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