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Easter is coming and Im a chocoholic.


Last easter I had 3 large eggs (all were gone in one afternoon:eek::eek:) and a good amount of the boy's easter eggs too:eek::eek::eek::eek:

This year I have to be good, but I think Ill find it hard as Im a chocoholic :(.

I thought my addiction would fade away after all the weeks, but it's still strong, I could easily eat 5 bars in a row :(:eek:

The good thing about CD, is that my kids keep their chocci bars for longer :eek::eek::eek:

I bought them a pick and mix over a week ago and because I cant eat them, they both still have a full pack!!

Tell me again why chocolate is'nt a good thing to have whilst CD'ing


Bm2lm xxx
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My name is Mini and I am a chocoholic too:eek:

If you get through Easter you will make it through to goal and the prize of having achieved your lovely figure...surely this is much better than all the chocolate which is just going to activate your cravings for more chocolate and more food.

Well this is what I am telling myself:cry:

I just drool looking at all the Easter Eggs :drool: the kid in me is alive and well. I have a local shop and they have Easter Eggs everywhere and I have to maneuverer myself around them as they have some stacked up in the middle of the isle.

Come Easter Sunday there won't be one left...

Stay strong...

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Mini :):)

Do you think once a chocoholic always a chocoholic?

My baby sister is an alcholic :(:( she has been dried for over a yr now :):) but she can never go near the stuff again, not even a sherry trifle!

Should I kiss goodbye to chocolate for ever as it was my downfall, just like my sister has kissed goodbye to booze?

How many bars a day were you?

I could easily have ate 10 bars given half a chance :eek::eek::eek:


bm2lm xx


Have a serene day!!
Aw! sweetie (excuse the pun) I know how difficult it is, remember that when you are eating chocci that all it releases is endorphins and adds weight.

Do you really want to sabotage your incredible weight loss for the sake of some emotional/hormonal chemicals that only last for and hour or two before you want the next fix.

If you like hot chocolate heat up one of your Choccy tetras and add some water for a lovely hot chocolate drink, or wizz up a chocolate/chocolate mint shake with some ice and chill with a good book.

I know that to some it may be torture, but I love reading recipe books and planning evening meals for the family, have been very experimental lately and they are loving it - horses for courses.

Take care hun, will be thinking of you!!

I'm a chocoholic too!!! Before I could quite easily munch through at least 3 easter eggs at a time..but not this year. no,no! Because I love easter eggs so much I've bought myself a special one that i've given my dp to put away for me...I'm so determined to lose weight this time, that I don't want to find it but am looking forward to a treat for when I reach my target. That way, I don't need to miss out altogether this year :)

Maybe you could try doing this yourself? Motivation...the sooner you reach your goal, the sooner you can treat yourself!

However, if you think the temptation of knowing you have a chocolate egg in the house, waiting to be devoured, is too tempting.... don't listen to me! lol.

I hope you can resist and stick at it :)


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Youve got through 8 weeks without it, proving you dont need it. Treat yourself or get the family to buy you something non edible this year, if you start eating it you wont stop so for this year give it a wide berth.


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I "WAS" a chocoholic, I am no longer, I am now a minimins addict, this has taken place of chocolate.
:D Sonya

It isn't true that once a chocoholic always a chocoholic though!


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Hi i must admit i am a big chocoholic so can definetly sympathise with you all in fact i am sitting here now craving chocolate. Last time i did the diet i craved chocolate all the way through and after the diet was over also. I was on lipotrim now on cambridge i was told on lipotrim the flavours were deliberately so bland as to retrain your taste buds etc yeah right i don`t think so i still craved the same things etc before and after . Anyway cambridge does have the bars after 2 weeks the choc orange one is lovely still hard i know but the pleasure you ladies will get when you lose weight and find yourselves looking so good will make it all worthwhile.
ps how do you get those pics on your replies etc havent worked out how to do that
Laura 5510
I must confess that I too am a chocoholic...It is particularly white chocolate (like dream bars) or the Belgian shell-shaped chocs which I crave... I have found the peanut bars OK on this diet and will admit to sucking the chocolate off in an attempt to feed my addiction... The choc-mint shake helps take the edge off too (Doesn't it stick like glue to your teeth tho if you try to eat it dry???)... However, I agree that a non-choc alternative to an Easter pressie is a very good idea and I have primed the family to swop the choc for nice bubble-bath and body pampering goodies this year... In fact this has been taken up by my sons who have decided that they would also rather have something other than choc ~ a small token present really for everyone and just get together as a family, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins etc...My sons are in their 20's so it will be great to get everyone under one roof for the Easter weekend. Praps I will be too busy to dream of dream bars...:)
Happy Easter everyone...

Tara :)
I have read somewhere that lighting a choccy candle can satisfy your choccy cravings!!??

Seeing as i always eat all off my kids eggs and am ssiing at the mo and have been given 2 choc candles in the last 6 months (do you think i'm known for my love of choc?) i will give it a go to see if it works!
Mix a small amount of water with the powder until you get a thick paste. Then with two teaspoons pass some of the paste from one spoon to the other to make oval shapes. Place onto a small plate and pop them in the freezer for 50 minutes. Take out and indulge - they are lush!

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