Easy packed lunches?!

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  1. Moominator

    Moominator New Member


    I'm really struggling to find easy, and fairly quick lunches for work that i can put together in the morning or the night before.

    I'm used to a sandwich, chips and a chocolate bar, i've tried pasta but always forget to cook it the night before (Doh!) I tried soup, which was nice but a bit dull, I hate lettuce so any salads i try are just yellow pepper, cucumber and tomatoes with maybe a splash of chicken, which is also a bit dull and not all that filling.

    Any ideas?
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  3. Nessa1980

    Nessa1980 Full Member

    Couscous is wonderful stuff for making salads with to for lunch. It Doesn't take long to cook either just pop it in a bowl pour hot water over and cover leave for 10 mins whilst you chop your veggies.
    Wholemeal pittas are easy to stuff with salad. Also wraps come in lots of lighter and healthier options and are quick and easy to roll up full of healthy bits and bobs; it takes seconds.
    If you like Asian inspired salads try using glass noodles they take just 5 mins soaking in a bowl of hot water.
  4. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    oh nessa you have just given me so great ideas there
  5. Nessa1980

    Nessa1980 Full Member

    Glad to help
  6. snowflakes

    snowflakes Full Member

    Tesco also do a really good '7 grain mix' that I've been using in salads. It's got wheat grains and rice and stuff so it has a bit more bite to it than cous cous, but it does take a bit longer to cook - about 10 minutes. I struggle with packing lunches that I actually want to eat... the hot food on offer at work always seems so much more appealing but is far less healthy :(
  7. bumblebee1990

    bumblebee1990 Full Member

    I sometimes do a ham salad with a boiled egg and then have that with some ryvitas, cereal bar and some fruit.
  8. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    i love ryvitias
  9. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    The mission deli mini wraps are just 97 cals each :)
  10. JessMayR

    JessMayR Full Member

    Melba toast is nice :)
    Also could you have a mugshot or something similar? they just require hotwater?

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