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Easygoings Diary


I've been on the website for a few days now so I’ve decided to take the plunge and start my own diary instead of admiring everyone else’s. I’ve been on xenical for a month and a half and so far I’ve lost 10lbs. I didn’t lose anything for the first couple of weeks but eventually I started to lose weight. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid 2 years ago but have struggle with my weight since I was a teenager. I have a really supportive Doctor and she suggested xenical after I broke down in her office one day.

I’ve changed my eating habits completely since I started taking the pills, and I have to say I’m really enjoying it(which surprises me). My cooking skills were never up to much but every dinner I’ve had in the last month has been home cooked from scratch. I’ve even inflicted my cooking onto others and haven’t poisoned them:D Some of my favourites have been spaghetti bolognese and chicken bake with rice.
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Not such a fat kat now :)
Enjoy it. I find the diary therapeutic to write. It helps even when you've not been as good as you could be as seeing it written down makes it real and you can't ' forget' it. Plus all the extra advice you're given is good as well as everyone else will have been there too.

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Well things have gone good and bad for me today. I had to put a belt on my jeans this morning for the first time so im so delighted.

I really struggled on my exercise bike tonight. I only managed to do 8.7kms in 30 mins when i have been doing 10 - 11kms. I'm sure after a good nights sleep i'll be back on form tomorrow.
My WI is in the morning, this is the part of the week i really hate. I'm already worrying that i won't of lost anything and if the last few weeks are anything to go by i'll be awake and nervous all night.


Violet is shrinking
Don't worry hun, you'll be fine..worrying will make things a lot worse too, relax you'll do great :)


its a long road
Try not to worry. its too late to change it now if the scales dont say what you wanted them too this week just take the feeling and use it for next week :) x
Don't worry hun, you'll be fine..worrying will make things a lot worse too, relax you'll do great :)
You were right, i can't believe i lost 3 lbs:D Thanks for your support.
well done on your weight loss!!!! xx


Violet is shrinking
well done hun, you're on track and keep going now! :)
Thanks Boofaloo & Bunnyhops

I know i should be feeling pleased with after my wi yesterday. But i've been feeling a bit down in dumps the last couple of days. I'm disgusted with myself when i was feeling low last night all i could thing about was the Hula Hoops that were in the press. I ended up having a couple of packets. I'm just annoyed at myself because there was a load of fruit and yogurts i could of had insead. Thanks for listening


Violet is shrinking
It happens to us all at some point, we just give in to it and end up feeling like crap afterwards... the next time you think you're going to break, sit down...have a glass of water...and think before you eat, you can more than likely talking yourself out of it :)
Why can't i stop feeling hungry today? It doesn't matter what I eat I can't seem to feel full. I've had a proper breakie, lunch, dinner and some healthy snacks, at least im not eating crap. Can't wait until today is over.
At least u didn't give in to the feeling! Have you drunk enough water, as sometimes that helps.. Hope you have a better day today :)
I find drink a couple of glasses of water (very cold) when i start to think about eating bad things tends to take my mind off it a bit, the coldness is refreshing and then i tend to have a yogurt... Although i did have toast last night instead lol x
Thanks Guys, I've had a couple of bad days. I only have myself to blame. I've been off work for a few days so took my nephews out and of course ended up eating a few things i shouldn't. Its really strange i'm not feeling to bad about it as I know it was my decsion. My hope for my WI tomorrow is that i either sts or if i'm really lucky lose 1lb. Whatever happens tomorrow I am in the right frame of mind to deal with it.

I'm going out for a Chinese meal tomorrow night with my section in work. I'm really looking forward to it, i know what i'm going to have. For starters chicken & sweetcorn soup followed by house special chow mein, no desert and lots of green tea.
Well today i got a nice shock I was down 2lbs. But i think i've just put it back on and then some. My meal was lovely but i didn't manage to stick to my choices that i had picked out. I also drank more tonight than i have in the last year which compared to some people isn't a huge amount but for me it was alot. Not to worry at least its the weekend and i can deal with any affects at home.
Hope you enjoyed the evening, having the odd night off is normal this is a long-term plan and you won't always be able to adhere to it.
I lost 1lb at my weight in yesterday. I did have a sneaky WI during the week and i was up about 3 lbs so i was glad to be down yesterday.

In saying that one of friends in work is moving to Scotland next week and we went out for a meal and drinks after work so will need to work hard for the rest of week. Well from tomorrow anyway i've got a hens party tonight and its fancy dress, its going to be so much fun.

I'm really excited at the moment as i've been thinking about adopting a rescue dog. I have my home visit tomorrow from the rescue centre and I hope to adopt a beautiful little girl called Tara. She is a cross breed and seems to be a mixture of terrier, Lurcher and golden retriever.
Well done :) have fun on the hen night, I'm sure if your going dancing it will work off the cals lol
I'm sure if your going dancing it will work off the cals lol
I hadn't thought of that now i have an excuse to stay on the dancefloor:party0023:

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