Eating and exercise...


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Wondering if anyone can advise me on when is the best time to eat relating to exercise?
For example I have now started a zumba class which begins at 7.45pm and finishes at 8.45pm. Am I better to eat early (around 5.45) before I go or wait until I come home when my metabolism will presumably have been kick started by the exercise?
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Your body will burn the same amount of energy regardless of whether it was fed before or after a workout.


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I would eat before as you are giving your body more time to digest the food properly


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The day I have a later class, ideally I try to have a bigger lunch that day, and just something light to tea. If I get home early enough to leave a gap of at least 1.5 hours between eating & exercising I eat it before I go, and if not I have it as a supper when I get back.

It's never good to sleep on a full tummy.


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I'd eat before as it will fuel your workout. If you want something after, then have some lean protein (chicken/turkey slices or similar) and a banana. It will refuel your body and your muscles will have something to work on as they get stronger!


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If I were you, I'd eat a light, early meal before (to give you energy for your workout) and save my pud for after the class. I know that if I go to the gym or for a class when I haven't eaten much that day the quality of my workout suffers because I don't have any energy.