Eating before Weigh In


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I know this has been discussed before, but I heard something the other day and it made me think (shocking I know, but bare with me).

There is the age old discussion of whether or not to eat before weigh in and if so, what should you eat. Well here's some science for you... you should eat something light.

Oh before I carry on, I'm talking about the hours leading up to weigh in. If you have WI at 7pm I do not advise that you starve all day! I'm just adding my 2 cent to the debate :p

Now when I say eat something light, I don't necessarily mean something small, I mean light in weight. Think about it, if you stood on the scales holding a potato you will weigh heavier than if you were holding some candy floss (bad example I know, but it's 5am!)

It works the same way if you are holding it in your hands or holding it in your stomach, so if you're worried about it - eat something pysically light!!

Natt xxx
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IMO whatever routine you use for your first WI, you should keep for future WIs.

If you eat like a pig all day lol, then WI it will of course make your weight higher at WI. But if you do the same EVERY week then each week your WI would be artificially high by the same amount, and your weight loss would be correct.

It's all relative.

If of course you starve yourself on WI day then
a) You are not following SW correctly as you are meant to follow a healthy diet - there is nothing anywhere from SW that suggests it is ok to starve yourself at any time
b) You will have to starve yourself EVERY WI in order for your weight losses to be accurate

Just eat healthily on plan EVERY day. It is better for you, and your losses will still show.

Simples :)


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i weigh in at 7pm and on weighin day i have a nice big breakfast, medium sized lunch and save my fruit for tea time then have my dinner when i get in after weigh in


Getting fit for 30!
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I totally agree that you should keep your routine.

For example, I used to always WI in jeans (this was a few years back), then one week I knew I'd been a bit naughty, so I decided to wear linen trousers... Of course the following week I was back to jeans, but luckily I STS!

I just thought it was a 'fun fact' :)


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I agree completely with Laddiesboy. For me, weigh in day was just the same as any other day of the week and I ate the same.


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I think as long as you eat roughly the same on that day each week then you can't really be too out xxx


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Thank you for your post Squiddie - so good and thought provoking as usual.

I always WI at home every Friday morning in the 'nuddie' before I eat or drink, so I know I get an 'accurate' weight each week.

Good to see you on the board again, we miss you. X


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this is a really interesting thread - it was something i was thinking about as i always weigh in the mornings - but my meeting will be on a wednesday evening, and ill be fully dressed. I thought about starving myself every wednesday, but then i thought it would make it more likely for me to pig out every thursday!

i agree with everyone that you should just eat the way you do every day, and the weight loss wil be relative, i ust hope the temptation of not eating and wearing light clothes can be overcome!


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My rule is that i never eat past 1 pm latest. I Wi at 6:30, and i dont drink anything past 2, unless its a very small glass of water.
i always try and eat at 12..

then i pig out after WI haha xox


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Omg how can i relate to this thread sooo much.

Ok hands up time for truth.

I always weigh in jeans first week - and then 3/4 cotton bottom afterwards but then its the same everyweek after that.

I have a breakfast, then im not hungry in afternoon if i have good breakfast, then i starve rest of day so that i can lose but that is everyweek.

My first week i wore jeans and last week was cancelled and when i checked weighed i was the same in pj's i was mortified.

Nice to hear from you again squiddie xx


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I try not to drink too many fluids on WI day (as I normally drink a lot), and eat about the same, which most of all, if anything, is just a snack. I tend to wair one of my light trousers that I wore when I first restarted. They nearly fall off now and I keep having to yank them up but all my slim trousers are heavier!


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I prepare my dinner before WI so that I can just heat it up for OH and I and my daughter can have hers whilst Im gone.
Although starving yourself etc all sounds like a good plan, your weight varies during the day regardless, youre going to weigh what youre going to weigh. I dont eat past lunch time and make sure I follow the plan :)


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im nervous about my next week i joined 2 weeks ago but slipped up many a time im sure it will be fine, start again and it will give motivation to start again but i wouldnt dream of starving, i get dizzy if i miss a meal (which is maybe a good ting!!) so im still sticking to my bran flakes for brekkie and jacket potato and beans for lunch


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I'm so glad that I weigh-in on a Saturday morning, having been the loo and in the nuddy, cann't blame anything then if I gain except constipation and I'm keeping that excuse up my sleeve for a bad week lol.;)


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to be honest - i only eat breakfast on WI day! But I do have a few reasons, the main one being that Idont have enough time to eat properly during the day becasue of lectures etc so if I have a big breakfast I can last till after WI but also I didnt actually eat anything on my first WI day and Im quite picky about things like that - I also wear the same clothes as my first WI (even though it was in the summer!)


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I always have the same to eat on a Wednesday, which is weigh day. I have grapefruit, then weetabix or porridge for breakfast, soup, a muller and fruit for lunch and then weigh in at 6.30. I have to go straight from work, so no tea until after, but usually something quick like an omelette. I also make sure I am wearing my light combats or leggings :D


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It's a pity that SW isn't at 7-8 in the morning hehe!! Isn't it funny how we all get into a state of panic on WI day, desperate to take all measures to see that favourable number on the scales!! I always take off as much as possible including all jewellery!! If only I'd worn a lead suit on my first day, I'll have seen much quicker results by now!!!X


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I eat as normal until 2 -3 o clock then dont eat until after my weigh in at 7, unless I have something like fruit bout 4. I do prefer to eat something though. If you starve yourself your body quickly goes into starvation mode if its used to getting food on a regular basis so to starve on WI day your body will start going into preservation mode


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Don't all shout at once but on weigh in day, i weigh myself in undies in the morning at home before official weigh in that evening. what annoys me is that my morning weigh ins have been getting lower each week whereas my evening weigh in has remained the same. According to my morning weigh ins I have lost 6 lb since November but STS at SW