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Eating out


Intuitive Eater
What do you do if you have been invited to someone's house for a buffet but you don't want to deviate from the way you are eating. Is it more polite to just go there and eat their food or be honest (which might appear rude?) and take some fruit instead. It's difficult but I want to be in control of what I put in my mouth. Please help!!

Janey xx
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Perhaps offer to bring a dish or dessert?
It might help to eat a little before you go and then be determined and stick to the healthier options available.

Good luck.
yea thats a good idea bayside- if i go to someones party i always take a bottle of wine and some sort of dish with me, that way its very polite and people are suprised you have gone to so much trouble of fetching some food to help out, and that way you can eat some of the dish you have made without the worries
laura xx
If you are going to say anything then the time to do it is well in advance of the party, so that the host has plenty of time to think about it - not at the last minute when s/he will be flustered anyway.

I regularly go to a friend's house for a get together with drinks and nibbles. Ever since I told her about SW, she has always provided a plate of celery, carrots and cucumber along with the usual crisps and biscuits, and also some low calorie drinks. No fuss, no comments, she just gives me the option to be good if I want to!
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Have a small meal before you go to fill you up, put some SW friendly food on your plate at the party and mingle. So long as you have got food on your plate no body will bother you and you can eat as you see fit then. Anybody tries to force feed you, just tell them you have a bit of a dicky tummy, that always works lol. Enjoy the company, people are more important than food everytime. xx


Intuitive Eater
Great suggestions, thank you! I've decided to eat before I go. I'm in a mind frame now where I don't want to deviate from what I am doing. I am having so much fun and feeling so focussed. I think company is more important than food and might just take a banana along. I don't want to put anyone to any fuss and I don't want to take a dish of food thus drawing attention to it all. To be honest I hadn't told anyone in case I fail at it. So I want to be discreet but stick to my guns. Thanks for your help!!

Janey xx


Vegetarian who lives2eat
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I am a veggie and if I was worried about the food I would say I would bring my own plate , saying that I didnt want them to go to any trouble for me, thats assuming they are not veggies too otherwise that goes out of the window.I would often take my main course and just help myself to the veggies, but you have to be comfortable with what you do , have a great time and your right the company is more important than the food.
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take somethings with you?

i have been known to make sw quiche and take it along for the ride


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