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Eating Slowly


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That sounds a good idea. Paul McKenna recommends mindful eating by making sure we put our fork down on the plate and let go of it, then picking up again when we have finished that mouthful. Sometimes eating with eyes closed can be good so as to not get distracted and really concentrate on the food.


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Paul Makenna speaks about eating slowly in his book "i can make you thin". The cd that comes with the book is very gpod.


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Putting your fork down inbetween mouthfuls is a good one. Also, because Im generally having smaller portions anyway..I end up wanting to eat slower to enjoy my food otherwise its gone in about 2 seconds :p haha



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Alan Sugar uses a pastry fork to eat with, this will slow you down.


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Putting fork down as said, or just looking up from the plate as you chew. Ive seen people, (we all do it) getting their next mouthful ready whilst theyre chewing. and smaller bites too. My boyfriend eats really annoyingly fast and he was cutting me a mouthful of his food for me to try and he always gets such big mouthfuls! and my mouth is bigger than his! lol.
there was a diet saying to chew 36 times I believe, Ive tried it, its so tedious I can imagine it works!
Try chopsticks too if youre not any good at using them, will take forever!
great idea about letting the fork go - will try that at dinner time


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Eating slowly is the hardest thing for me, am always the first one to finish any meal by miles, it's like am racing. It's how I enjoy food.

The only thing I found slowed me down was playing a game while eating. It kept my attention for a short while between each bite.
I realise now, my brother keeps his plate for hours, he eats in his room while watching tv, on the Internet, playing games. I always thought it was just him, but I guess doing something else while eating is partly the reason too.


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I inhale my food! I am always the first to finish a meal. I agree, since havin smaller portions sometimes I savour more meals but I still wolf my food down. I think this is what leads to stomach upsets that I get as I'm taking in too much air when eating and just eating too fast! Plus I still feel hungry after Some meals!

I've tried the "chew it more" thing and I can't stand the way the chewed up food feels in my mouth!! Might try putting the fork down between bites.

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I like to take a pause halfway into the meal, putting it all down and just resting in the moment. I think about how the meal tastes, whether it really is worth eating, sort of pretending to be a food critic in my mind. It makes me more aware of my eating choices and whether to bother finishing it!