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Eczema and diets

Hi everyone :)

I just wondered if anyone else has eczema on here?
Ive had it since I was born, Im on steroid creams for it, and then only thing ive found that makes it better is dry heat, being out in the sunshine.
Has anyone found by eating less of a certain food group that it gets better? Ive heard something about a link with dairy, I drink lactofree myself, but I havent cut out dairy.

Any experiences would be helpful! :)
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Hi hun,

I have had it from birth as well, and am so looking forward to the summer because the central heating in the winter makes it crazy.

I know for me citric acid and to many artifical colourings plays havoc with mine but have not found any certain foods help it.
My 5 year old has it quite severely, his dermatologist suggested cutting out tomatoes, anything with a red food dye in eg strawberry yoghurts, citrus and egg yolk.
Been tons better since although still quite bad, hope this helps xx
my little girl has it really bad as shes mixed race and nothing effects it other than heating in the house.. sun shine really helps her! ive heard alot of people say dairy is bad for it but not with my lil en xx
That's interesting as I can't have anything with citric acid in as it makes my Tongue swell up and plays havoc with my bowels.
Never heard the red food dye one, might be worth a try :)
I should try and give up diary completely to see if it improves really.

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hi, like you i have had eczema since day one. I used to be covered head to toe literally but since cutting out all dairy i occasionally get it on my face/hands and this generally goes away when I use the steroid creams.

So I would definately recommend cutting dairy out, seems to be such a common cause of eczmea :)
I should give it a go really! Although I need to badger my doctor into giving me a food alergy test, as I think it might be other foods as well
sigourney said:
Wheat can be a big problem too... Hassle him for the test...! Could be a real life changer :) x
Will do Hun! ^_^

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Will do :) I really need to book a Dr's app asap as I need to get a lump cut off my ear, lol. Thats fair enough :) Did you illiminate foods?
sigourney said:
Now I'm stroppy ... Lol x
Lol sorry! Been so busy I hadn't even had time to get on here! Or do any uni work D:

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