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I am not used to EE but usually do red and some green. This has been my eating today and I thin it has been an EE day can someone tell me what they think.
Breakfast I had porridge (5syns)made with water and then a splash of milk( part of my HEA) and a banana.
Lunch was my HXB 2slices of toast, bacon fried in a non stick pan and two eggs the same way and a yoghurt,
Evening meal was cauliflower, potatoes mashed with salt and pepper and roast beef cooked in slow cooker and tonight I had a cup of tea( rest of HXA) and Alpen light(3syns)
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You haven't included 1/3rd of your meals as super free (salad/veg/fruit) so technically it's not EE. Every meal should have 1/3 suprfree.


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Yeah kind of EE, you really needed more superfree with every meal though. for EE to work well you need 1/3 superfree with each meal.
EE needs to have the 1/3 superfree.
So for breakfast, add a banana, or a fruit salad or something.
For Lunch its veg and or fruit.

I know you are meant to TRY and have 1/3 with each meal, or 1/3 of your INTAKE.

In the end you'll notice, you'll have more superfree than free..

If you do think EE will work for you more, do you go to class?
For the breakfast you could have added more fruit, like strawberries, raspberries etc For lunch you could have added onions, mushrooms and tomatoes (tinned tomatoes count too). For tea, you couls have put onions and mushrooms in the slow cooked beef, peppers, or broccoli to go with the cauliflour you had.
thanks I understand now. I don't go to class as I have less that half stone to loose but need to eat in a healthy manner as I am great at picking at food and not putting all I eat on a plate. So hope to eat the SW way from now on.