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eek - this is what i'm hoping for!


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BBC NEWS | Health | Uncomfortable in his own skin

It's about a guy who has lost an awful lot of weight via gastric band surgery and is now unhappy with his saggy skin. I'm already seeing a bit of this effect, and it's weird that I'm hoping to see more of it. I think I'll have to start saving up to have those bits trimmed off soon.

His legs don't look too bad to me, I just hope my boobs don't end up like that!

If you're squeamish about skin and things, don't look!
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wow, thats a hell of a lot of weight to lose, and a lot of skin left over - he'd probably lose another 1.5 stone from having the excess skin removed!


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considering he's lost 16st I don't think he's done so badly - what was he expecting? I wonder how old he is? The younger you are the better with this..

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Well, I don;t think any of us expect to have as much loose skin as we end up with, and his is extreme to be sure.

I can completely understand him being unhappy about it. And I do understand - though I do NOT realte to - but I do understand his saying he felt better baout himself when he was fat.

He is a young lad - lots of life right at his feet. I am at an age where I am settled, happily married, and not interested in meeting or impressing any member of the opposite sex.

If I was his age, and looked like I do now, in the buff, I would have to say I probably would have felt better about myself fat too, in the sense - when you are fat, you cannot hide it. No matter what you are wearing. SO anytime you had any intimate moments with the opposite sex - lets face it, they knew what they were getting in to.

However, when you are slim, and have loose skin, the loose skin is mostly hidden. That could be very uncomfortable and awkward for a young person, faced with baring themselves at some stage. It would not be what people would expect,a nd could put some right off. So its kind of a sad state for him.

I do intend to get rid of my loose skin, even though it is not as bad, by far, but it makes me unhappy, but everyone decides if its for them or not.

Hope he can find a way to have it removed.


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Yes his case seems to be extreme.

I do expect to have loose skin and have some baggy bits already - tum, thighs, bust and arms. However, they are not too bad at the moment and I have no plans to do anything about this until I have given my body a chance to tone up as much as it is able to. So maybe I will reassess the situation a year into maintenance. I already feel so much better than I did six stones ago. :D

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