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Eek! WI tomorrow morning!!!

Hi everyone, I have my weigh in tomorrow morning at 11am. Feeling quite nervous because I've had a rough week. Still not feeling too brilliant and suffering with earache and sore throat at the mo.
I'm on nights tonight, and usually a wi after nightshift isn't too brilliant. I only have one shake left for the evening, though, then I'll be drinking LOTS of water till the end of my shift.
I'm really hoping that I'll have lost at least 2lbs. Miracles can happen, right?
Will update you all once I've been. :)
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hi good luck hun

you dont need it though im sure!

dont forget to stop drinking the water a while before wi so can pee all the unneccessary out lol.

soz ur not feeling to great too

hugs ur way



Slowly but surely x
fingers crossed, my little red x
Thanks lovely ladies,
I am going to stop drinking water about 3am-ish, I think. Only one more litre to go, so should get there easily enough. Going to have my Strawberry Tetra at about midnight, then a golden veg "soup" at about 4-ish. Here's hoping! :)
good luck honey xx
Let us know how you got on tess! Good luck...ouch earache!


My husband = My hero
ah i only just saw this!!!

you will be being weighed hopefully right now!!

sending skinny thoughts and sneaky helium balloons!!

good look gorgeous lady xxxxx
Hi Lovely ladies! Thanks for all your messages. Sorry to disappoint, but I felt so ill this morning I couldn't even get my carcass out of bed. :cry: I have spoken to my CDC and she's changed my weigh in till Tuesday morning. She was very understanding, bless her. Hopefully I will feel better by then, but I have a doctor's appointment at 10:50am on Tuesday, then WI at 11:15!!:eek: I'm just taking it easy till then. My ear is hurting soooo much. Sorry, I'm being such a wimp.
Forgive me if I'm not on here much over the next couple of days, but my head can't take in any info right now. I will chat to you lovely people as soon as I feel better. xx


hoping for a good loss
Oh sugar, I hope you feel better soon. You aren't working tonight are you?
Oh sugar, I hope you feel better soon. You aren't working tonight are you?

Thanks Hon, I hope so too. Unfortunately I have to work tonight. I am the supervisor, so taking time off whilst we are already severely short-staffed is a no-no. I know I'm not going to be very productive tonight, but the operators have already made me a few cuppa's. At least feeling the way I do, I won't be tempted by their midnight takeaways! LOL. Have to try and look at the bright side or I'll cry.
Have a good night. x
Get lots of rest Tessie and do what you need to and get better very soon. Plenty of fluids :D and keep warm hun xx
Hi Sarah, thanks so much. I am at work, but I wore a woolly hat, scarf and gloves today and have extra layers on, so I will be warm. I am drinking quite a lot of my herbal Rooibos tea tonight, and I've only had my packs today too. Don't feel like eating at all, which is a bonus, I suppose. Have a good evening, Hon.xx
Hope you are feeling better soon Tessie - look after yourself
o no hun!
do take it easy ear ache can truly be the worse. if its really bad id see a doc over the weekend you may need anibiotics and obviously the sooner the better!

sending good health signals your way


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