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Hello my lovely!!! YES WE START 2MORROW YAY!!! I know how you feel i am soooo excited too i really can not wait :D I have my meeting with my CDC 2night to collect my packs and get on the scales hehe! We can do it kels woop woop! Its so fab you are starting 2morra too we can really keep each other motivated!! Thank goodness i have such a lovely person like you to help me through this. I wanna thank you so much for all the support you have gave me so far it has really made a difference. Cant wait to start 2morra hehe! Your a little star kels for starting the same day as me to help me... How wonderful are you!! <3<3


Slimming down the aisle
Good luck Tasha and Kels! I'm sure you'll both be great though and won't need it! It's great that you're both so excited, I know I was this time round. I think it helps keep you motivated through those first few days. There are a bunch of challenges on here, might be worth seeing if any of those interest you to help keep you motivated, I know they help me :)
Good Luck Kels and Tasha. I know what the parma is! Never tasted or seen one, but will be sure to give it a whirl --- after CD, of course. Best wishes x
Caroline i joined the new year chllenge and want to lose 14 by the end of Jan lol... i hope the first week i will lose a little more than normal haha! If i dont do it i have my goal of 2stone by the end of feb lol. Cant wait hehe! Its weird being excited about not going to eat lol xxxx
ive cut down on all the carbs and stuff.....and im hoping to lose 7lbs by the end of jan. its always been slow for me :(.

Agrhhh one thing i havent missed is the water....im trying to get into the habit of drinking lots again....the toilet is my new best friend atm tehee.

And Tasha you are suchhhhhhhh a sweetie too me. I hope we meet soon for a glass or 3 or water of course!!

I will text you tomorrow morning sweetie and good luck with your CD tonight <3<3

and well everyone else thanks for being sooooo fabby :D

OMG kels i have drank 2litres of water so far today and its just passing right through me haha! I hope to drink another litre by tonight lol. Your doing well for cutting down your carbs i have not been that good at doing that and had a sandwich for lunch eeek!

Yes we will have to meet up and have a glass or two of water hehe! Might add that to one of my goals... If i lose 2stone by the end of feb as a treat to myself i could drive up and see Kels hehe!

Yes txt me in the morning and i will tell you how my first pack went haha. I have to be at work at 7:30am 2morra so that will take my mind off being hungry but i think lunch time is gonna be the hardest lol.

Good luck 2morra hun <3<3
hmmmm cutting down on the carbs is easy cos i have a wheat intolerence now o0 but its the alcohol...i went out last night cos i had a fight with moe >.<

I got a bit too drunk and came home with garlic and chips.

Im aiming for my 3 L today only managed one so far so need to get guzzling!

Talking of toilets haha my it goessss straight throught teheee

but yeaaa the two stone should be good and youll get there in no time. I love this diet such great results and soo fast xD


Slimming down the aisle
How have you drunk so much already!? I seriously struggle, only just about hit a litre normally!! I was talking to someone else the other day and we think we should arrange a big minimins meet up!
haha i use 330ml bottle or 500ml ones and guzzle

looking at a huge bottle is soo daunting and puts me right off!!

but yeaayyy a minimins meet id soooo be up for that :D


Slimming down the aisle
I've just made a post about a meet seeing who's up for it.

Even trying drinking that way, I can't do it! I'm just not a very thirsty person, have to force myself!
i replied .... but ye ai need to drink water otherwise i would be gauging on food and thats not good. plus ... a full bladder all the time means i have to run past the machines at work for the toilet

i dont have time too eat :p


Slimming down the aisle
Haha I like your thinking!! What's your job?
receptionist in a big call centre and im at uni too ...its so boring and im right next to the vending machines.

torture :(

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