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Extra Easy Egga

Eggs are just free in my book, i joined a month ago so it's the most recent one.


Never gets tired of SW!
Hi Lea, I love 'egga'!! Hehe!! Although eggs are free, they aren't superfree anymore! They used to be in the olden days because the definition of superfree were foods which were free on both red and green days. However on EE the peeps at SW are trying to promote as much fruit and veg as possible so only fruit and veg are superfree!! But do read your book carefully because peas, sweetcorn, potatoes and sweet potatoes are not free on red so cannot be classed as superfree!XXXX
Thanks everyone :)
Haha sorry for the spelling error, i couldnt find how to edit.
Soooo Im a little stuck for breakfast as I dont find fruit and yogurt fills me up...any ideas? xx
January 2011 x
Chopped banana is nice with weetabix. Why not have fruit afterwards?


Never gets tired of SW!
I love omlettes for breakfast- i put a variety of things in them- cheese, ham, red onion, mushrooms, stirfried cherry tomatoes, in the past I've even put chicken or smoked salmon in them (yes I'm a freak!). You can have a great cooked breakfast with eggs (poached, scrambled, fried (frylight), boiled with quorn sausages or very low syn/free sausages (check out www.joessausages.co.uk), baked beans, grilled tomatoes/cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, lean bacon. I love porridge topped with fruit of different kinds depending on season, my current fave is to grate an apple into it after cooking and sprinkle sweetener and cinnamon on top! Weetabix and banana/other fruit, All-bran and banana. There are loads of brekkies to choose from! There is a new Extra Easy food optimising book (small) available from classes with some great ideas in it!

By the way Lea, congratulations on your weight loss and getting to target!! What plan did you follow to achieve this? What made you choose SW to maintain?XXXX
I'm looking on page 9 and they are in orange but they are under the heading that talks about free food :eek: The superfree bit above it just mentions 'fresh and frozen fruit' and 'vegetables'.

Stick with it and keep asking questions, it will just 'click' i'm sure!


Never gets tired of SW!
Aha, sorry, I just saw that you've set a new target and want to lose a few more lbs! And I missed the fact you were doing red/green before duuuh!! So why have you switched to EE for the last few lbs is my new question!!!XXX
Thank you for all these ideas, thats great! Im not sure ill have time to cook things on a work day but will stick to fruit and cereal on these days and cooked at weekends.

I have been doing SW but have the odd day on extra easy but dont really do it correctly. I might ask at group if I can sit in on the new member talk to learn some more. That book sounds great ill have a little look for that. xx
My info down the side is wrong, im at target now and just thought id try extra easy to mix it up a little. I am finding it hard staying within my 3lbs and wondered if Extra easy would help. xx
I have eggs at least every other day do they are still free but just make sure you have some super free veg with your breakfast - I have grilled tomatoes and mushrooms.


Never gets tired of SW!
Well done for keeping it up! Maybe EE will help you feel that you can have a little more variety! And don't forget that when you're at target you can up your HEXs anyway in order to maintain so that will give you extra leeway/flexibility too!!

Re cooking on a work day- believe it or not I actually find doing an omlette quicker than making a bowl of porridge! I often start work at 7.30 am and make an omlette at 6.30am! I have my omlette pan on the hob ready the night before, and find it takes no time at all to chop a few mushrooms/bit of red onion (I sometimes do this the night before- takes 2 mins), whisk together a couple of eggs and it literally cooks in 2 mins! And fills me up until lunchtime! And means I haven't used any HEXs (unless using cheese in omlette) so I can have them later! Fast and filling, I love egga!X