Eggs make you feel full for longer (unscientific experiment)


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Hi I just wanted to share this with everyone - how much and what you have for breakfast can make a difference. Nothing new, but this just happened to me. Reminder I'm on Stab so hunger and cravings are back in my life ;-)

Yesterday 'normal' breakfast:
Oatbran (3TB) and Wheatbran (1tb) Ganola with skimmed milk and a TB of (plain) yoghurt. Half a glass of freshly pressed apple and carrot juice, cup of coffee with skimmed milk. Actually the granola contains 1/2 an egg too.

At work I had a coffee (instant, 1ts skimmed milk powder) at about 9.30 before going into a meeting. Meeting overran on and on. By 11 I felt desperate, 10 minutes later felt really sick in my stomach with hunger. Drank a glass of water which really did nothing to help.

By 11.45 managed to get back to my desk and crunch on some carrots. Phew, sick feeling went away quickly.

TODAY I had:
Pancake made with 1 egg and 1 egg white, 1 Tb oatbran, 1 Tb skimmed milk. Toppped with 1 TB quark, and sweetened. Cup of coffee as before, no juice (thursday PP)

Had a coffee coming into work as before. By 11 I looked up from busy work and was amazed at the time, stomach had not sent any signals and felt absolutely fine.

SO: Eggs make you feel full for longer (we knew that), and fruit juice might have something to do with getting hungry sooner too!! In quantity / volume, if you had piled both into a bowl, both breakfasts were probably equivalent, maybe today's a bit less.

So stick with the protein! But we already knew that :D
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Hehe, Jo. :D

Can only ditto this. I had a need for food about 1/2 hour ago and ate my custard which was meant for another meal. I wasn't very hungry at lunchtime though (ate the full stabilisation quota of porridge).

No more hunger pangs (and I need to make more custard;)).