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This may sound daft but it depends on the size of the tin! If I use a 6inch tin then I use 3 eggs and a small pot of cottage cheese, if I use a bigger 10inch tin then I'll use 5 or 6 eggs and double cottage cheese. They are large eggs by the way.

Also, I eat loads and loads of eggs a week, 2 on a saturday, 2 on a sunday and probably have a couple of omelettes so that's another 4. So that's 8, not including those used in meals, we had carbonara the other night and that used 3 eggs for 3 of us. So probably 9 a week!!!!


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i only put 3 in my quiche and if i have a cooked breakfast ill put an egg on that or the only other time ill have an egg is mashed up with a bit of salad cream (to disguise the white cause i dont like that part lol) and put on a sandwich


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I've yet to make the quiche, but my tin size would take the 6 eggs recipe.

I eat on average about 2/3 eggs a day, I love them for breakfast, and I often have them for dinner too.

Dr's have told us that they are no longer a threat to high cholesterol, and they are SF on the SW diet, so enjoy your eggs, they are so versatile in cooking and ways of eating......X


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I use 6 eggs in my quiche, with a tub of quark, and I make it in a lasagna dish.
When I use the round tin (thats almost plate size) I use half of that.
I also eat a lot of eggs. Have no idea how many as it varies!

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I tend to use 4 eggs in a quiche with a tub of cottage cheese and chives in a casserole pyrex dish.
It depends on how Im feeling to the quantity of eggs I have in a week, but they are free, so enjoy!


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I use 6 eggs as well, I just love the pasta quiche and the mixture is enough to cut into quarters and keep in the fridge.I eat about 20 eggs per week, 2 per breakfast, sometimes egg n chips for lunch, quiche .


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I have 2 eggs in my quiche. I put in extra cottage cheese and make sure I have plenty of veg and meat in there. It usually makes enough for 2 meals for me and I have extra veggies on the side to fill me up. I worry about eating too many eggs due to the cholesterol, even though mine is totally normally. :eek: I've heard you're only supposed to have about 10 eggs a week.


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Hey I eat loads of beans with the eggs so theres every chance I smell rotten, I think I must be immune to it !!!

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